New Rarities, A New Weapon, Torso, And Leg Type, New Campaign Modes, Chests, Transform Relics, And a TRUE FINAL BOSS!


It depends on what clan exclusive items are, and how they are obtained…

If those are only “increased rewards” or “less HP for the Clan’s titan” (for instance), they could work…
But they would also need to be based on the clan’s progression, not ranking


Maybe end-game stuff ?
Once you reached X rank/ reach X level/ completed X campaign in X difficulty, it would unlock for instance…


@YGGM Something like that yeah. Although the implications for arena rankings would have to be considered, if things are unlocked based on rank like that it’ll eventually block off the top tiers with those who progress first.

I think similar to how rank 15 opens 2v2 pvp, rank 10 could open these new slots for enhancements or such, so like a new tier of combat/strategy. Keeps things simple for learning to play prior to that. However all of the new gear would need to be obtainable beforehand or else you’d be completely trapped again once the top 10 ranks fill out with those who have the advantage.

Edit: Also in this screnario it would be important to then remove the ability to use said enhancements below rank 10, it would be off-putting for lower ranks to be consistently smashed by average players with that slight advantage.


Instead of a new rarity, how about if we add like a custom part that would add a specific statistics to an existing item.

For example:

Extended Mags.
Adds an extra 1 use to these weapons: Nightfall, Annihilation, Spartan Carnage, Sweetie, Bloodweep. etc

Long barrel.
Increases damage and improves range of: Last Words, Grim Cobra, Terror Cry, Night Eagle.

Ultra Capacitor.
Increases damage of: Spinefall, Mighty Cannon, Desert Snake.

High-Capacity Battery Bank.
Increases FaceShocker’s or HeatPoint’s uses to 4 instead of 3.

Rocket Storage.
Adds an extra 1 use of: Supreme Cannon, Abomination, Burning Shower, Red Rain.

Increases damage of beam based weapons.

Tactical Scope:
Improves firing accuracy. (You will always get higher damage roll. Frantic Brute users rejoice.)

Depleted Uranium Shell. (very rare)
Doubles the damage of Falcon, Lightning Scope, and Flaming Scope.

Smart chip.
Automatically activates drone at the beginning of the battle, without consuming your AP. (Doesn’t work on FaceShocker or HeatPoint.)


Rank 10 already have the Floor Buff system…

And yet, it’s pretty destabilising for someone not used to them, even if said person played with them in Legacy


Why the Smart Chip doesn’t work on FaceHugger and HeatPointer ?

And adding 1 use to the 2 drones named above could insta-break them…


@YGGM That’s true, though I personally don’t like them. They are a great strategic element sometimes, but if a build has a high enough damage or health they can often be ignored.

Also, I’m more supportive of parts based features because I love building mechs and balancing stats, the more pieces I have to put together the happier I am :joy:


I said that adding your “parts” idea in rank 10 is a bad idea, they is already enough distabilzing things there…

Also, no need to tag me, the system automatically warns me when someone replies to me, even not not tagged


Since the Smart Chip’s job is to automatically activate the drones, once those two eventually deactivates the Smart Chip will automatically reactivate them AGAIN. Completely defeating the purpose of putting 3 uses to that thing.

Also, if the Smart Chip only automatically activates at the beginning of a battle, it’s gonna be kind of useless since it will deactivate again anyway. Not to mention that most enhancements i listed will add a bit of extra weight.


I think it’s pretty easy to add a line of code checking if there’s a Smart Chip, only at the begging of the battle, before prompting user’s commands (move, weapon, special, shield, shutdown, switch mechs, etc…)…

But you still saved one AP…and don’t forget that FS and HP have 3 uses because they have an higher DPT…


I know that, I was only adding the tag for context of who I’m replying to for someone reading at a glance (the icons a little small), and I haven’t figured the quotes yet.

Ah ok, I probably misread your point. I say rank 10 because I think that’s a suitable point for the learning curve with extra stats/options. Though maybe rank 8 or 7 would be more realistic.

I would prefer something like this over floor pads, really because of the inconsistency of them. Though I wouldn’t be too put off by having both.


Some extra enhancements for some C-E and R-E items.

Extra 3 Barrels
A special enhancement for the Metal Piercer. Extends it’s upgrade range to Legendary by adding another 3 barrels. (12 barrels LMAO, with both at max legendary, Metal Piercer will have a bit more damage than Nightfall, but it’s RNG is unstable.)

Repulser now will have 3 uses, but it’s weight is now 24 kg.

Large-Caliber Bullets.
Increases Arnold resist drain to -10 (Max Epic)

Enhanced Alloys.
Extends Iron Plating’s upgrade range to Legendary. (Woohoo.)


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the great text wall of china returns.


How do you thinkg with 1000 weight it could be supported even by an pair of legs without getting overweight


hmm, maybe in new update, legs will have more girth




YGGM, thanks for the translation. Hahaha, although the op’s post is in English, there’s no way I’d try to decipher thru all that.


Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh… what? also demonic i dont think so, but i do like the idea of another campaign. also maybe focus on other minor things to add in game like shields before all of… that.


separated version:

first the new rarity.

  • lets bring back the idea of the demonic rarity. this rarity should be a Gold, Blood Red gradient to emphasize it’s power. The only one higher then mythical besides the one that will be mentioned later. this rarity needs 6 mythicals and 1,000,000 coins. to balance it, anything with it has a minor debuf to there mech or weapon depending on the type.

related to new rarity:

  • the final one higher that demonic called ancient that can only be unlock by beating new campaign mode bosses that will later be mentioned. its color should be pure gold to show how godly it really is. there should be a clan rank with clan exclusive items with abilities specific to the clan. the color of this should be green since no other rarity has green.

a new type of weapon, torso, and legs called the magic type that’s blood red. the magic type attacks both electricity and heat. in demonic rank it DESTROYS shields for 2 turns.

now for campaign:

  • the new campaign ideas i have are called “Sky’s the limit, Sea Corruption, Last stand” in sky’s the limit squiddy unleashes Aerial mechs that fly high in the sky. if any mech looses they crash into the ground and a giant mushroom cloud explodes in the background.

  • in sea corruption squiddy see’s how strong you are. he creates sea mechs to end you. if anyone looses they sink and explode.

  • in last stand squiddy realizes he can’t always win. so he unleashes the strongest bosses you could ever face. in this one multiple forms of mechs are unleashed to keep you on your toes. the final boss is squiddy. no guards just him. he says this in a comic. “you have come this far but for what. do you like this? well if so… YOU’VE JUST ENTERED THE RIDE OF YOUR SHORT LIFE”. then in the battle he has a new quote. “you’ve met with quite a terrible fate. haven’t you!”< i have get the reference, a little nod to the Legend of Zelda series. after you beat him normally he dives into the sea and drags you with him and says “Your Going Down To HELL!!!” after that a sea battle co menses. after you beat that he says “Grrrr!!! If You can’t SEA where i’m going with this i’ll just AIR out your Ears you SCHMUCK!” if you beat him you will get 20 tokens, 500,000 coins, 1,000,00 XP, and 5 Fortune Chests all because, this squiddy is HARD!!! in all modes he will be magic.

a new chest idea is a Holy chest which gives 5 ledgendaries and has a chance for a mythical, demonic, or an ancient. the cost is 560 tokens. finally there should be upgradable transform relic for common, rare, epic, legendary, mythical, and demonic. please take into consideration that these are ideas that could change supermechs forever

and that is separated form and the reference is good i liked it so here is some pool:

  • yes
  • no

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