New Rarities, A New Weapon, Torso, And Leg Type, New Campaign Modes, Chests, Transform Relics, And a TRUE FINAL BOSS!


first the new rarity. lets bring back the idea of the demonic rarity. this rarity should be a Gold, Blood Red gradient to emphasize it’s power. The only one higher then mythical besides the one that will be mentioned later. this rarity needs 6 mythicals and 1,000,000 coins. to balance it, anything with it has a minor debuf to there mech or weapon depending on the type. the final one higher that demonic called ancient that can only be unlock by beating new campaign mode bosses that will later be mentioned. its color should be pure gold to show how godly it really is. there should be a clan rank with clan exclusive items with abilities specific to the clan. the color of this should be green since no other rarity has green. a new type of weapon, torso, and legs called the magic type that’s blood red. the magic type attacks both electricity and heat. in demonic rank it DESTROYS shields for 2 turns. the new campaign ideas i have are called “Sky’s the limit, Sea Corruption, Last stand” in sky’s the limit squiddy unleashes Aerial mechs that fly high in the sky. if any mech looses they crash into the ground and a giant mushroom cloud explodes in the background. in sea corruption squiddy see’s how strong you are. he creates sea mechs to end you. if anyone looses they sink and explode. in last stand squiddy realizes he can’t always win. so he unleashes the strongest bosses you could ever face. in this one multiple forms of mechs are unleashed to keep you on your toes. the final boss is squiddy. no guards just him. he says this in a comic. “you have come this far but for what. do you like this? well if so… YOU’VE JUST ENTERED THE RIDE OF YOUR SHORT LIFE”. then in the battle he has a new quote. “you’ve met with quite a terrible fate. haven’t you!” a little nod to the Legend of Zelda series. after you beat him normally he dives into the sea and drags you with him and says “Your Going Down To HELL!!!” after that a sea battle co menses. after you beat that he says “Grrrr!!! If You can’t SEA where i’m going with this i’ll just AIR out your Ears you SCHMUCK!” if you beat him you will get 20 tokens, 500,000 coins, 1,000,00 XP, and 5 Fortune Chests all because, this squiddy is HARD!!! in all modes he will be magic. a new chest idea is a Holy chest which gives 5 ledgendaries and has a chance for a mythical, demonic, or an ancient. the cost is 560 tokens. finally there should be upgradable transform relic for common, rare, epic, legendary, mythical, and demonic. please take into consideration that these are ideas that could change supermechs forever


I understood some of that, I think. I thank that doubling the amount of rarities would be a little much for the game, and while a final boss-fight would be nice, didn’t really understand what you were saying.


That was a little tough to read, paragraphs please? :):joy:

Anyway, I like the thought, particularly of more story and interesting bosses. Not sure of the higher tiers, I’d be more keen on something like weapon mods that add new small boosts to weapons and change them up a little. I think this idea has been mentioned or is in the works.

That 560 token chest definitely ain’t gonna happen, though I wouldn’t argue with 5 legendaries for 560 tokens.


i almost died crashing into a wall of text at 60 wpm


This might be a breakthrough to the new SM.If Tacticsoft does this,Smwill be a new game that will be more populated.Players are leaving quicker then joining,so i reckon TS should do this and i think its a great idea.


that better be sarcasm


I aint being sarcastic.I mean,i would change some things,but tbh its a breakthrough for those R5+.but its also great for others too.


Demonic torso

1000 Weight
1000 HP
1000 Heat
1000 Cool
1000 NRG
1000 Regen
1000 Resist all.


Too many words


yeah tldr

but ill say no anyways just by judging at the topic title


Wow, I thought they were actually gonna add that!




this seems edgy


Words from community manager: We are not creating new item elements in any near future


My God! My eyes! That wall of text! :dizzy_face:


TL;DR version:

- New rarities over Myth, called Demonic (bring also some negative tweaks to items, to counterbalance the power increase) and Ancient (unlocked by beating bosses of the campaign added along it)

- Clan-exclusive items, with Clan-specific abilities (I'm not sure I really understood that part:sweat_smile:)

- A new type called Magic, and it deals both Heat and Energy damage (elemental ones)

- New Campaigns (aerial, underwater, and Boss RushNot sure about this one, with Squiddy as final boss of the hardest new campaign (a new "comic page" and quotes are added for the occasion) Squiddy gives higher/more valuable first completion rewards, because of the dificulty

- Add Transform Relics for every tiers, save for Legendary (we already have it) and Ancient (because they would be useless, since Ancient is the highest tier available in that case)

- Add a new box with 5 legendaries, and a chance for mythical/demonic/ancient, and costing 560 tokens


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Yeah I knew I had seen something related to “enhancement”. Would be cool to have something related to weapons as well though, maybe something akin to an evolution tree. Though it does raise the question at what point does the game then get too complicated and inaccessible for newer players.

It would certainly spice up the upper tier matches though!


yeah its still a no from me

but thanks for the summary


we don’t need new rarities and clan exclusive shit will never work because top clans exist