New R-M phyisical drone drone


i was reading the old SM wiki that are not in reloaded or how i call modern SM then i see the following old drones:

  • flying machine gun
  • same drone name as above but more larger and more damage
  • one shot one kill
  • death from above

then i think to make a R-M phsyical drone that i will call Doom and have 1 point heavier than squinch stats:

  • rare:same stats as squinch
  • epic:same as above
  • legendary:now this drone gains more 3 phsyical resistance drain and more 20 damage
  • mythical:gain more 5 phsyical resistance drain and more 50 damage

im thinking the right stats for this drone but guys make your idea of what is the perfect stat for this drone and make a good R-M item like CL or MB but with resistance drain(before you say that will be op,no im thinking of another good R-M item in legendary and mythical) and @KilliN make a good appearence of this drone in reloaded SM.


SuperMechs Reloaded is the right term…


I miss cylon
It used to be cool looking


Is that a mender robot from WR I see?


here you go dude: or for torsos and legs:


Uhm…The drone you want…
You realize it’s an L-M and goes by the name of Greedy,right?


no that legacy drone flying machine gun im thinking to make a R-M item


He’s talking about the legacy flying machine gun drone with the 3 barrels and stuff


That doesn’t seem like abad idea


But i would agree that killin maked well balanced stats