New quest idea +


Play for 30 consecutive days = 2 legendary,farm big boy 10 times = 1 prem box,do 10 ARENA BATTLES without quitting = 50 tokens and a random box perketc plus some one give me the link of the SM simulator which works on phone. …


Hmm… Those are just ideas of benefiting you, or being greedy. I don’t mean to be negative here. This idea is something that players put on for the players, yet don’t think of how it benefits TS. Don’t get me wrong, I would love ideas like this to happen. A lot of players play 30 consecutive days. There was actually a Gold Box Monthly. That was cool. Kinda like Gold pack. That was in the old SM. So, not gonna happen.


Ts will benfit because more interest in game more players =more revenue generated plus arena wait time decrease


Wait time will never decrease. I been playing so long that it never changed. Hmm, More interest will still be the same. More players, doubt it. More revenue. lol I believe people spent more back before the huge change. I doubt many will. I don’t even know if many do.