New Quest 10/05






hey I was gonna make a topic like this


Lol… @Transcendant inb4 you


I wasted my fuel just before this quest come upa sasbajsjahsjkahdjhkjahdjahsk


just play overlords den in easy mission 7


Or run the boss mission before overloards den on normal mode. 9 mobs ea run, 3-4 runs (or for the last run RB).


Ooooo a good quest.

Nice job Ts


Or just carry on with your normal routine as you will probably do enough before the quest ends unless you are Transendant and don’t do campaign



only doing it for dems tokenz


i JUST used all my fuel.
no problem, we have 24 hours.


Fastest. Quest. Ever.


I can tall that u did it bye normal side mission 2 of overlords den


Heck yeah! Refilled my energy and got 20 tokens! Free tokens!

But where did 10 of my tokens go? I swear I had 127…

Funny joke


Nope, farmed this a couple times (4 I think).


You farmed 4 of the 11 fuel mission and have 49 out of 73 fuel left?



I just farm level 1 normal 30 times
waste 60 fuels :thinking:


20 fuel from pvp :))))))

Started with 93.


Just play raid to complete this lol


Capturedialyquestdone :stuck_out_tongue:


Guys Capturebrightroarumm… this is by brightroar and nightfall highest damage is 262 off topic