New Quality "Fatality"

This idea will be very great, although it will be dangerous for things.
The quality of Fatality will be very dangerous since with every improvement the chance of the item to return to the quality of Mythic to level 60 will be higher and higher
My nickname Zeus

Welcome to the community, but what are you trying to say, a weapon that can go beyond mythical level 50 but has a chance of becoming a level 1 mythical? We have this, without the risk. It’s called Divine tier


We don’t need that btw,it’s gonna make all SM players hard.


No item will return to level 50 mythical tier

We already have this, but better thought out in Divine Tier, which is just some stat bonuses after mythical level 50. that would be an unnecessary addition, and leave rng and how much a player is willing to spend from their paycheck an even more deciding factor.


Yes, in return spend money upgrade

Yes that’s the problem, it encourages RNGP2W behavior, which isn’t fun for both the whales and the players who dont want to spend their money on a game. This is basically lootboxes, but potentially even more predatory.


Hm…:pensive: :pensive:

Basically in summary, if tacticsoft were to pick up this mechanic, many players would leave immediately. I don’t want to be rude, but imagine if someone has perfect luck and theyre now murdering everyone with weapons that deal over a thousand damage at minimum, while everyone else doesnt have a chance, this makes Arena, Clan Wars, Titans, Clan Rankings, Raid, EVERYTHING! almost based on RNG thats meant to make players spend their REAL paychecks.

When I first clicked on this, I thought it was going to be a Finishing Move replacement. “Zeus wins! FATALITY!”

Hm… minimum 500-590 damage weapon “War Hammer”

yes that is the damn problem. why am i having to repeat myself.

Were times where shop sell parts mechs
Today shops sell packs-parts

yes, but it didnt make tacticsoft enough money. that’s why we’re here.