New proposed weapons


I would like to start a new topics for weapon ideas . Not good one s, ridiculous weapons . There is no fun anymore here . It is almost all flame wars and fighting .

I will start

Hot Puddin---- side weapon
1 range
Hot puddin oozes from the gun and opponent is disgusted as their shoes are now full of HOT PUDDIN and they lose their self dignity and a couple of hundred points .

I want the damn forums to be fun again


Just chill out until tomorrow, I’m sure a lot of people are going crazy at the Arena Madness event today. Speaking of which, I need to head back there.


Second proposed weapon

The RC1

Top weapon - it’s s baby kangaroo that sits on your shoulder and just shouts JOEY at your opponent

It confuses the player causing him to lose a turn and a couple of hundred points
They also have their mech pants fall down for the turn and blush whilst pulling them up


Haha! Good joke man!



Kys gun

Range 1-8

Tells the opponent to kys, leading them to instantly lose the battle.


Magma weapons


What does “kys” mean?


Kys = kill yourself


Third weapon the FLAG

RANGE 1- infinity
It shoots a flag as opponent when they say or do something silly . A good example is posting magma weapons in a post such as this .

It kills them instantly


Bath salts
Top weapon
Range who cares
Makes opponent think they are on fire and overheat result in one turn loss and changing mech shorts


Raise from the dead, come back into the web, rise into the forums… I RESSURECT YOU!!


You revivers should just rethink your lifes.


You stole my quote… I hate you Alejandro.


Lol :joy::joy::joy: