New Profile Picture!


Well, for one. I decided to make a profile picture that is similar to @WinzKay and @KilliN because their profile pictures have their initials (I think.)
So I decided to make my own… but not sure if it is good. If there are any modifications that could be put into use… pls let me know.

Because I have no idea what to do.

28 AM


Oh nice pic…

Were you been by the way?


It’s cool!

My profile pic will always be a Naga though.


My profile has my logo, wich is composed of the crossing lines of the first and the last letter of my name, KilliN.

This if you preffer with images:


You probably know mine?





Anti-Thot Mech ^


But a grappling hook and charge just in case you find something good


@TechnoDive made my logo/profile pic


Yes mine has the initials W.K.

Nice! I like the colours


Changed name to aeres in game , cant change it on the forum tho.


Mine is the pikachu gif giphy


Im gonna hunt you in the…

I cant say rap joke.


Revive and bump to off topic

Who else’s eyes are hurting


yah mine