New price of silver boxes


The prics is 1000 times better than before, unless you’re one of those that buys 2 boxes per day.


Think again.


What do I have to think about? I was lucky and you were unlucky. This was the same before this update. There was time when I opened 3 boxes in a row with three common items then onemore with one rare and another with two rares. It happenned before it happens now.
And even if you are right and the chances for rare and epic items are lower… I’d rather have a fix price with lower quality than an increasing price with a little bit better quality.
But I still don’t think the chances are worse now. I think you feel worse because you see the items from 5 boxes next to each other and realise how bad they are.


we can buy 5 at once- this is actually the best feature ever implemented.


Got energy and heat engines from these boxes. Thank god for this update.


Actually…Hell you might be right!


I really like the price fixed not rising, I no longer have to limit myself to 8-10 boxes a day. not worth paying 20k plus for 2 commons.
However I have purchased a number of 5-packs and many singles and must say that it seems the drop rate is much better with singles.