New price of silver boxes


Like seriously, did tacticsoft really have to put the boxes price so high? Now, because I do quests everyday, I’m gonna lose alot coins everyday, since it is so expensive nowadays. From 3.400 coins to 6.500 from the first box. This is going to be a big punch in the face, even though i have 2,864,619 coins at the moment writing this. That is my thoughts about this. (Edit: thanks for them who told me the price is stable, I didn’t notice it, but still, it’s gonna cost more than normally to me.)



6.5k is the stable price…

It doesnt go higher


I understand your point, but I disagree. If you buy enough of these, the stable price can make a huge difference. Adding up the prices, the difference begins at box number 8. In the old system, 8 boxes cost 55,200 coins; in the new one, it costs 52,000. The difference grows quite a bit as you go on - for example, I usually buy only 10 silver boxes a day (I know, I’m a cheapskate). In the old system, this cost me 79,000 coins; in the new one it costs me 65,000. I think its safe to say that most people buy more than 10 silver boxes a day - therefore, this update lets us save a ton of gold, and get more boosting items.


Did you really flaged me for just saying “dummy” ? Lol


Dude,buy 20 at a time.
It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than before!

Also,next time,please try the new feature before coming here to complain :slight_smile:
Thanks and good luck on your boxes (btw,cheaper or not,they got yet another nerf).


Talking about box nerf…Fortune boxes got nerfed too…

In the past days, I only got Blues and maybe even one Grey out of it…

But I thing they got they show rate buffed…

I got like 4 in a 55~60 fuel tank of Ramboy…I usually get 1 or 2 in one tank, IF I get FB ^^


After the ramboy nerf i was getting only commons and rares from fortune box


Bruh you will pay so much less coins now


And get so much less decent material…


But I suggest buy 1 item box for 6500,5 item boxes it is not worth!


Actually,it is worth…
Plus,what can you do with just one box?


It is actually better, now that I think about it. But here is the thing, 6500 thousand, and from there it keeps staying the same. Buying 5 at a time costs about 30,000 thousand. Now 6,500 times 5 is 32500, meaning you would save 2500 gold.


I don’t get what you want to say…for me you throw away the same amount of gold…^^


Price doesn’t go up anymore. So that is an upside. AT LEAST THE SILVER BOXES FOR ONE DOESN’T COST LIKE 40 THOUSAND NOW XD


No,I mean is buy one item box can get rare or epic is easily and more than buy 5 item boxes!


I’ve opened two big boxes today and I got these stuff:

From these it doesnt seem that there is a nerf. Its still just pure luck what you get.


Wow, I could use that. I have yet to see drop rates of rares matching pre-update. And no epics yet either. Can’t say I understand how it works…


Your math teacher would be dissapointed that you think 6500 x 5 is 30k


I said 6,500 times 5 is 32500 xD


I know how do do math. I guess I can say ALGE “BRUH.”