New Premium Box Event Idea

I was thinking about this.


i like the idea :slight_smile:

I am out of likes so here u go :heart:

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np :smiley: this works too lol

25% more tokens?! THATS WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!

Also do you mean the

50% Epics
50% Legendaries thing?


100% Legendaries?

meduim chance of legendary right know is like 20% he want it to be 50% with 25% more coast i think it should be 30% so it’s like 30% more price for a 30% more chance of legendary

25% buff and 50% more price

Let’s just say 40% buff of legy.

we like the idea but i don’t know the devps

i wouldn’t have the tokens for this…
too pricey!

50 - 75% more legendaries

U got it backwards xd

I made an Idea like this, No token token add but has a little more better legend chance

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I like this idea


Premium Box 75 Tokens :tickets: - 1 Card :black_joker:

  • 80% Chance of Epic
  • 20% Chance of Legendary

Premium Pack 335 Tokens :tickets: - 5 Cards :black_joker:

  • 80% Chance of Epic
  • 20% Chance of Legendary

PREMIUM BOX EVENT - Premium Boxes and Packs cost 30% more but have a 30% increased chance of Legendaries

Premium Box 98 Tokens :tickets: - 1 Card :black_joker:

  • 50% Chance of Epic
  • 50% Chance of Legendary

Premium Pack 436 Tokens :tickets: - 5 Cards :black_joker:

  • 50% Chance of Epic
  • 50% Chance of Legendary

Man, I’d go for that!!! :grinning:


these prices are rally high for me… .specially since i can’t seem to get past the last place in the raid… that’s like 25 tokens that i cant get

Dude… this is a bargain!

If you’re not finishing the Raid yet, I guess you don’t realize how hard it is to get Legendaries out of these boxes

From a numbers perspective…

75 tokens gives you 20% chance of Legendary
on average, you will pay 375 tokens to get 1 Legendary

98 tokens for a 50% chance to get a Legendary
that changes it to 196 tokens on average to get 1 Legendary

Trust me, that’s very much worth it!!!

Food?!? :hamburger::fries::tumbler_glass: Who needs food? :tickets::tickets::tickets:

you are right…
well guess it’s worth it, after all more legendaries means more chances of premium items and more premium items means MORE TOKENS IN RAIDS

sounds good