New portal - Zarkares Maze


Check it at Scavenger Pass, its cool!


Thank you


Oh, just see this overpowered Malice Beam xD

Look at my energy :smile:


202.46666666666… so fun energy :smile:


Thanks buddy :smiley:


That bug happens to me too. Smh


Torso has better stats than a brutality. Got it on the insane level. Drops fell off dramatically after first run thru all three difficulty levels. Thanks for the torso and free tokens . : )


can I see the stats?(myth)


I havent fused it. Not sure if I will either . Just going off base stats at epic level.


I transformed mine to level 1 legendary but then ran out of items, I calculated the maxed level 40 legendary torso and it has 804+ HP


Drop rate get worse after the first run on insane instead of farmable epics like the last portals ,its better to just farm big boy , another update , another dissapointment


I got another heat death punch in hard mode!! nice!!!

I was maxing the torso, I had it almost myth … but now I’m maxing the death punch …


From the fortune box I got from the 3rd run of hard mode. I got lucky before 2017 ends WOOO!! :heart: (I also got Torment from the box)


Wow so you are cheating on this Zarkares?
You have 2 Zarkares now


No, actually, Why do cheat?


Which Zarkares are you cheating on?
This Zarkares or the other Zarkares?
Do you love the Zarkares more than this Zarkares?
Zarkares or Zarkares???


wait… wh… wh… what? @Zarkares pleeease :cry:


might want to reconsider, I’ve heard a few people get legendarys repeatedly on insane, i myself have picked up over 10 epics and 1 legendary.


Are you cheating on Zarkares?
but which Zarkares are you cheating on???
Why are you doing this?
Zarkares or this Zarkares???


#OMG ZARKY WARKY I’M SO PRRRROOOOOOOUUUUUDDDDDD OF YOUUUUUU :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: