New portal - Zarkares Maze

Check it at Scavenger Pass, its cool!

Thank you

Oh, just see this overpowered Malice Beam xD

Look at my energy :smile:

202.46666666666… so fun energy :smile:

Thanks buddy :smiley:

That bug happens to me too. Smh

Torso has better stats than a brutality. Got it on the insane level. Drops fell off dramatically after first run thru all three difficulty levels. Thanks for the torso and free tokens . : )

can I see the stats?(myth)

I havent fused it. Not sure if I will either . Just going off base stats at epic level.


I transformed mine to level 1 legendary but then ran out of items, I calculated the maxed level 40 legendary torso and it has 804+ HP

Drop rate get worse after the first run on insane instead of farmable epics like the last portals ,its better to just farm big boy , another update , another dissapointment

I got another heat death punch in hard mode!! nice!!!

I was maxing the torso, I had it almost myth … but now I’m maxing the death punch …


From the fortune box I got from the 3rd run of hard mode. I got lucky before 2017 ends WOOO!! :heart: (I also got Torment from the box)

Wow so you are cheating on this Zarkares?
You have 2 Zarkares now

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No, actually, Why do cheat?

Which Zarkares are you cheating on?
This Zarkares or the other Zarkares?
Do you love the Zarkares more than this Zarkares?
Zarkares or Zarkares???

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wait… wh… wh… what? @Zarkares pleeease :cry:

might want to reconsider, I’ve heard a few people get legendarys repeatedly on insane, i myself have picked up over 10 epics and 1 legendary.


Are you cheating on Zarkares?
but which Zarkares are you cheating on???
Why are you doing this?
Zarkares or this Zarkares???

#OMG ZARKY WARKY I’M SO PRRRROOOOOOOUUUUUDDDDDD OF YOUUUUUU :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

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