New portal "McGold Hideout"


New portal “McGold Hideout”. Sadly didn’t get a notification about this event either but that’s why we have the forums to keep us all informed :slight_smile: . Please share your earnings from this event with us

First runs rewards :

Normal - 13,7k
Hard - 30k
Insane - 62,7K




Dang, I was hoping for a McDonalds Hideout, I could use some Chicken McNuggets right now.


same , id shove them up m-

i mean nothing


I didn’t even realize… HELL YEAH.


that pepe , really nice :ok_hand:


Usually somebody from the SM team creates a forum post about a new portal / event right?


reaaally Nice, I know. :eyes:


First runs so far :

  1. Normal - 13,7k
  2. Hard - 30k
  3. Insane - 62,7K


10 very nices out of 10 very nices


Do y’all have uhhhhhhhhhhhh McGangBang?


@TechnoDive Lord Pepe is Please with your Pepeing Nicenesness.


god obey the holy lord and saviour pepe


Our Lord Pepe will cleanse all filth, starting with those OP Heat mechs


Top 10 anime plot twists


i feel bad for laughing at that LMAO


Top 10 Anime Protagonists


Pepe is love, Pepe is Life
Pepe is good Boi, Pepe is Handsome Boi,
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when Pepe is done, and @Kaen is kill
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Top 10 Times God Refused To Help


now Pepe is lonely, many bad
no more @Kaen , very sad
Pepe he prays: "@Kaen pls return"
silence around him, wow such concern