New Portal - Lightning Scope (Currently Down)

What about them?


Should i count en?

They nice :upside_down_face:

I can already, There’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6- Oh wait… Yeah.

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Off Topic

Goodness, I drained 2 energy mechs with only 1.

Not energy but Heat.

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Where’s facecancer, windforge?

Not drones.

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Terror cry?a good weapon ? XD
Also what about energy shotgun?bulldog

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If that’s so:
Physicals - Charge, Void, Platinum Platings, Mighty Protector, Platinum Hook

Energy - Faceshocker, Windforge, Teleport

Heat - Flaming Hook, Snack

That was talked about on the actual thread with El_metre

Its clash, not snack

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Don’t uncover yourself ;d

Well i can understand that but here we talk about all decent weapon for every time
Mortalbullet,bulldog,spinfall,last words(for energy)
Reckoning(for heat)


NNOOOOOOO i wanna tokens !

WHy i don’t saw yesterday portal i was here all day !!

So energy have like 9 decent weapons

Bulldog and Reckoning, I completely understand…

But Mortal bullet and Spinefall?? Those are trash

I think you meant Clash (for dmg heaters) and Nemo (for regular heaters)

Not quite there are tuff player which use them,like miron

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