New Portal is live - Happy Thanksgiving!


Play the new Portal.
Get the Grenade Launcher and you could shoot a special Surprise!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


thank you for this event. its going great thus far


thank you, finally some event


Turkey is a good protein source


These portals are nice and good events but these won’t bring more players to the game. Which the game really needs and I thought its your goal but im not sure anymore.


I just got legendary torso Archimonde from a normal mixed box.
Is that also part of the thanksgiving event or has it always been possible to get legendary items from mixed boxes dropped from mission runs?


Part of the mission now… but only the first box from the 3 difficulties.


Only normal n hard, insane with 2 revive
3 normal mission no box :tired_face:


Can you allow rooster to give energy engine’s, any other day it seems hard for me too get.


Looks like only first win gives a box?


That portal is cool!
I also want to point out a minor flaw, enemies sprite are wrong: tanks should be blue, like buggies, mechs and the boss, since they all are energy types :sweat_smile:


I want that torso !! And I never had it!

I think it’s super-fashion with those little horns. It’s very funny…


No revives but I did die a couple of times


is the first run the only time we get boxes here?


NO, it is a lower box drop percentage but you will get boxes at least I did. I don’t know what’s in them because they all go to my UNCLAIMED held for ransom area.
I just hope the hell they don’t turn into common crap beings they aren’t opened right away…

Anybody has any experience with UNCLAIMED area resetting boxes to low level garbage???
Let me know please.


I just got the same legendary torso from my 400th unclaimed boxes… still have 200 to go so it wasnt a new unclaimed box ( I opened 100 before that day without getting another new box). So it was sitting on my account for a month or more.And yeah I have no idea where did I get that box.


congratulations on the Thanksgiving day portal, it was as good as the unicorn’s, I hope you keep doing so many more.

good work, and congratulations to the tactisoft team
@Sarah247 @Mohadib


The unicorn was way more op


Yeah it was , I farmed 100+ epics from uni, got only 6-8 from the new event though


I did spend a lot of time on that mission but I know I could of spent more time.
Most likely wont happen again with those drops. I didn’t even get the horn either