New portal idea


power kit portal. on normal that portal always gives one legendary power kit , on hard 2nd power kit chance , for insane always two legend power kit. we really need something like this for max our items.

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Power kit and relic portal would be better bcz power kits cannot be used as transform material


Could be good IF power kits were actually useful to boost…

But they’re NOT, AT ALL !

So bad idea, it could takes the place of another “good” portal…^^


Maybe give the power kits on hard and insane mode and have them where you have a chance to earn them and maybe give away both relics and powers kits. I like that idea!


Item portals would be better…


any new portal is appreciated if it doesn’t replace an existing one


Power kits are one of the things that should die sooner than later.
Better have an item portal one of these days!