New portal for Christmas?

@Sarah247 coud you told us if you gonna make a portal for christmas please I really need to know


Christmas portal would be great or advent calendar

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I believe that some portal for Christmas will be … in any case, not everyone celebrates Christmas, which is a religious holiday.

The New Year, although it´s not celebrated on the same date around the world, is a more universal holiday. Therefore it would be good that as a New Year’s gift, TS decided to make an event like “unicorn”. It would be a nice New Year’s gift.

The most bad thing: they give only sales or events or portals, never give items on holidays…
I remember good old times (2016 year), which give 2 gold boxes with some mythicals.
Now non-sense to beat these useless cancerous events, which give only gold, exp, items, and perks sometimes.
It will be better if TacticSoft give us something cool and something new.
It will be cancerous to receive mythical only. It will be 10 second in-game holiday, so… how about something interesting?
with 1k of happiness,
[EE] TheDangerousEngineer.

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Mean, something better than items, some ULTIMATE event, better, than ALL.
=\ hope someone understand my logic

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Usually portals are coming after the sales. So you have around 41-42 hours left until the portal.