New portal discussion

so the idea behind this portal is “if you are a weaker player that doesn’t have a single good mech, you shouldn’t bother playing because without at least one repair kit you’re gonna have to use tokens to revive on brutal.” and on the first run you might get something decent but after that it’s just blues and grays. I don’t see how this helps anyone that doesn’t already have a high-end mech and most likely multiple topped out mechs, get anything decent.


Is this about the current live portal or a new type?

I’m confused beyond anything.

the current “build your second mech” portal

Yes very good point @Kaen :exclamation:


I also thought this way, because what is with ALL the players who didn’t logged in today/tomorrow or have/had no time to use this portal :exclamation::question:


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They really didn’t hit out of the ballpark with this portal honestly. It’s a poor attempt at compensation for a terrible unwanted update.

If anything, I would’ve preferred the drop rates here to be our normal ones. Instead of in a portal. Like this is how our drops used to be. But now we have to deal with a stupidly difficult (if you don’t have CLs, Savageries, or high dps weapons). Just for a chance at something mildly good.

They really should also extend this portals time. Like comon, you screw us over once with a trash update, then only give us a day to farm a portal that’s giving better drops than what we’ve gotten over the course of the last couple months.


well, their idea is to give a decent drop for the first run and then only give rares and commons. i haven’t got a single legendary

Well, I only got one (legendary Avenger) on normal. Other runs yielded nothing but epics and rares (of which I’m grateful for but eh, could really use some L+M weapons).

I’ve heard of some decent drops, but nothing too fancy
i’m about to go to the portal right now… maybe i’ll find something worth my time

I have gotten some good epics drops, oddly enough all of them physical when what I need is energy…

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I got a couple of things that I had never gotten so I’m happy myself (most of them were for my new fisch mech)

Seems everyone is making phys mechs. Then again they’re the easiest to make requiring no premium weapons.

I have made a nice desert fury spartan carnage combo physical, its working pretty good

That’s a pretty solid build right there. High drain/High Damage.

Mind posting some stats?

rn the modules are epic and everything so its not too good and everything else is legendary but here:

56 PM

I wanted to do an energy mech since I have 4 zarkares but unfortunately I do not have energy arams so I have to settle for a physical (I will look for energy weapons since I like several…

Not bad, I like it. Can only imagine how overpowered it’ll be at full myth.

This is what I’m working with currently (it’s still a WIP).

Debating on whether or to run dual energy engines or resist plates. But for now, this is perfect.

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Good luck, getting anything premium for energy is damn near impossible.

Be careful with the standard dual anni with nightfall, I feel like a meat switch is fast approaching. Thats why I tried a slightly different build.Good luck tho

Thanks and so far it’s proven useful. Although I will change things up once I get settled into the lower ranks. (should get me to rank 3-4 once fully completed).