New portal 11/26/2017


Ok so theres a new portal that showed up. Whats that about? And will there be a new portal every few days? And is this used as a distraction from all the bugs and drop rate nerfs and the fact that the devs hate me personally for some reason and everything else that’s going on?


I didnt see an event news popup thing about it after restarting the game a few times


I sometimes wish Sarah loved me instead of hating me. But oh well. Can’t please em all


It’s a gold portal.


So, useless? I already have more gold than i can spend.


I do not hate anyone.
We will be having portal every week.
If you are experiencing a bug in the game send it on or post them in the Bug section of the forum.
We look at everything posted.


What!?? 20 characters


gold portal again…


I gotta agree with Ricemech88 on this


I mean, i might do one run on each difficulty to get the first run bonus tokens, but thats about it. Useless after that. Ramboy is best for box farm


I want a item portal like unicorn one


i think most of us dont need golds so that portal is not very usefull


thank you for portal Kean_smile:


Will the nerf that was applied to the box drops and to the legendary chance in the premium boxes, ever be undone or will it stay to extend playtime? Like, make it harder for the average free or poor player to reach endgame so people stick around longer? Idk what i would do if i had everything Rising or any of the other tops have. Like, theres no point to play on after you have 3 fully maxed mechs. So it kinda makes sense what you guys are doing with drop nerfs, but will that stay?


You’re welcome. Anytime u need a portal, just ask.



Idk i dont personally need gold but im sure there are players that do. Thank you for the portal, Sarah. Even for people that have plenty of gold its a way to get some tokens


That sound cool :smile:


Really good amount of gold for my first 2 clears so far : Normal first run - 14k , Hard first run 34K , (haven’t done Insane yet )


easy: 14 SM normal: 34k insane: 63K


UNICORS!!! :rainbow::unicorn::dash: