New Player Perspective and Why I Cannot Continue Playing This Game

I downloaded this game a few weeks ago and played it a lot during that time. The core of the game IS fun. Unfortunately, there are so many other things that ruin it.

  1. Ads: on mobile, I get 2-3 ads during a campaign level at minimum. 1 after a random battle and 1 at the end of a boss fight. Those ads are 30 seconds a piece, so 1 minute of ads. A level takes me a little under 5 minutes in most cases. This means 20% of my game time is spent watching ads. It sucked.

  2. Heat and energy mechanics: it was cool to overheat the enemy in campaign, and it made sense. Those guys are little and weak. When it came to bosses and PvP though, there was little strategy outside of who can overheat who first. Fights were one sided and boring at that point.

  3. Item limit: 3 mechs, each with something close to 15 - 20 slots of equipment. Those count towards your item limit. This means, your item limit for saving, and fusing was roughly… 20-40 items. This was incredibly frustrating. That is so little space in a game where you need to save materials to upgrade your good equipment. The daily quest is obtain 15 items or so.

  4. Fusing guessing game: this one is minor, but sucks for a new player. I had no idea what items I was working with in the item upgrade menu. The only item I could see any stats on, was the one I had selected. When fusing other items, I had to guess and memorize what the materials I wanted to used looked like. This is unintuitive and made me waste a lot of time going back and forth.

  5. Lack of Tacticsoft community empathy: Tacticsoft has not shown much compassion for their long term player base. Tacticsoft doesn’t have to give them what they want, but they should communicate with their players and listen to feedback on such big changes. Tacticsoft’s lack of communication made me hesitant to spend any money on this game, and recent changes have shown that my grinding efforts might be in vain during these times of uncertainty.

  6. Loot box changes: the change to epic loot boxes was rather shocking. 1 item instead of two, at half the price? At first that meant nothing to me. Then I realized why they changed it: to stop people from farming the last boss as easily. This makes me believe that Tacticsoft does not have confidence in the replayability of this game and needs to keep people at mid-game grinding for as long as possible. This also translates into, “hey, we know our endgame content is mindless and boring, so we make it impossible to reach that point”.

Anyhow, that’s my honest goodbye feedback. The developers are free to check my account for my activity to verify that I am indeed a new player who recently quit. I just hope they take some of this into consideration. Thanks for reading and good hunting to those that continue playing.


Very nice post with great points in it !

But the sadly truth is :

They - tacticsoft - do NOT care !


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Excellent. I liked the perspective of a new player. Very good!

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@Slayton Item limit: 3 mechs, each with something close to 15 - 20 slots of equipment. Those count towards your item limit. This means, your item limit for saving, and fusing was roughly… 20-40 items.

LOL :joy:

I thank you for making this post, i agree with everything you say. Your seriousness proves that these are actual issues with the game. They are trying as hard as possible to force players to pay money, and I’m not ok with that. I know they don’t care what we say. I am stuck right now in game, my mech is stuck at all legendary, but I don’t have any new items I can use to fuse them to mythical.

I also think the inventory limit is pointless and just frustrating. What’s the point of it, aside from another thing they want us to pay for.

I want to be back in the top 10 again, I want to be a regain my rank, I want to have fun playing this game again, but I can’t without spending a ton of money again.

@duelosk Just farm last mission and attack other players

My current mech even though it’s all maxed out legendaries can’t beat the final mission without serious luck or reviving 1-2 times. I don’t have any new items I can use to upgrade. I am literally stuck. I either have to pay money, or wait a ton of time to get something else.

Throw the wallet at the screen… instant myth guaranted… you get -100$ to all curencies thow.

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The final boss is easy try watching this. There’s a chance you can get all fix boosts btw

  1. farm last mission
  2. buy boxes
  3. upgrade
    (The only problem is getting legendaries or epics because that cost real $$$)
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No the final boss is easy, getting to him without dying is hard. Ill take a picture of my mech later, but they are really trying to get people to pay money.

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Get Lucky @duelosk

this is my mech, it’s not terrible, not good either. I am out of items, and rarely get lucky when it comes to the big boy mission.

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@duelosk you have a good amount of healthpoints and good regen and cooling. try upgrading a good mythical/legendary item

I don’t have enough items to get anything to mythical, and I’m completely out of usable items to upgrade to legendary

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@duelosk I have a lot of good and decent weapons but I don’t have much stuff either ;-;