NeW PIC, as always


as you can see , i have a new pic.
this is the “Ultimate WayBig”
an alien from “Ben 10”, a cartoon i used to watch when i was a child. im using this pic it because it brings to me memories. Good times


oops, accidentally i put this on bugs and issues.
@Elcent move this to general discussions

  1. Moved to Off-topic for being…well…Off-topic.Please,be more careful when putting your thread in a category.Or not,this is what regulars like me are here for.
  2. You don’t have to make a thread about it since everyone will notice the difference,though nobody’s gonna stop you from doing that.


L4K3s got you covered :wink:


But you still are?


I thought this should be in off-topic


Lmao :laughing:


Nope, I’m 14


Ruben 14 is watching Ben 10 :3


As I said, so you still are.


I used to watch ben 10…




Lmao 14 is still a child


but when my 8 old brother sees it, i peek sometimes…


I think most of us did.
In its times,that was one of the best shows there were.
At least the first 3 seasons.Everything took a pretty drastic turn after than,with the graphics change,aged characters,different Omnitrix amd aliens.
Ah,it was wonderful when I was still a kid.
I’d wanna go back and watch the show like I used to…Sick of studying and part-time working.


I deleted it since… Well… Everyone watched Ben 10 at some point…


What’s Ben 10? :thinking:

It sounds like a 10-year-old kid.


Just checked… it came out first in 2005 and therefore is fully acceptable that I watched it xD


WayBig, Hummungosaur, Heatblast, big chill, fasttrack, ghostfreak, 2X2, XLR8, Diamond head


Geez… I feel old… XD