New physical weapons suggestion with no energy cost

I have two suggestion for a “new” physical weapon since we, phys mechs, dont have a long range weapon with no energy cost. These are old weapons that no longer exist now but it would be cool if added again (with graphic changes of course).


  • Kg 55 (51)
  • Range 3-8
  • 13 res drain
  • 230-360 damage (maybe less?Idk)
  • 3 uses
  • 31 heat cost
  • No pull

Epic to Mythical (obvious)


  • Kg 45 (51)
  • Range 3-4
  • 15 res drain
  • 205-323 damage
  • 3 uses
  • 31 heat cost
  • No pull

If you like or not this idea share your opinions.
Thank you :slight_smile:


Legacy items meng.

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legacy item yes, I’ve written that they could be re-added with the right stats and different art.

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That’s a lil too much imo.
3-8 ranges (LoL), 13 drain, no energy and better damage than Annihilations (comparable to Nightfall) for only 55 kg? Oh well :sweat_smile:

Lets increase it:)
The main idea is to give to phys players a decent no energy cost weapon


Wouldnt those 2 weapons be deadly against any mech? like 800 damage spinners a turn…

I’m alright with that.
That said I’m still waiting for our 2-4 E-M heat weapon tho so I haven’t such high hopes. VR was kinda disappointing.
Let’s see if they’ll do better on the phys side :slight_smile:


Bet they’ll release another enery item…

meow seems too legacy.

man, are you able to read above? I’ve said that it’s just an idea, they need obviously a new graphic

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those are legacy items i had them once

Let’s compare this to some other physical E-M’s:

ANNIHILATION ------ (65),1-2 Range, 203-341 PysDmg, -15 PysRes, 3 Uses. (No Cost)
NIGHTFALL ---------- (49), 2-4 Range, 248-366 PysDmg, -11PysRes, 3 Uses, (31/31 Cost)

Apocalypse-----(55/51),3-8 Range, 230-360 PysDmg, -13 PysRes, 3 Uses (0,31 Cost)
Demolisher-----(45/51),3-4 Range,205-323 PysDmg, -15 PysRes, 3 Uses (0,31 Cost)


  • A little too much damage for an energy-free weapon with this weight.

  • Either reduce around 20-30 damage from both the lower and higher limit or increase the weight.


  • Maybe some more weight wouldn’t hurt.

  • How about range 2-4 instead of 3-4,or maybe 3-5?

Personal thoughts:

  • Not a bad idea,but would have to be balanced

  • However,I doubt these would get implemented and why:
    Both weapons are already a lot better than the Purifier (damage-wise and resistance-wise)…
    That would mean that an E-M phys weapon would make a L-M phys weapon even more useless that it already is…
    If we have a ‘‘lower-tier’’/lower-rarity weapons that’s better than a Premium,then what’s the point of that premium existing in the first place?


It seems to me a very good idea and I have actually thought about it many times.


Reminds me of the Archimond torso, even through I never got one… T.T

That’s sad yet so true!
Exactly the case xD

I think one of the problems in creating new OP weapons is the system which SM has chosen to present new weapons.

So far they have been very light weapons presented in a portal, which is excellent and hopefully continue down that way!

But when an OP weapon is launched, with considerable damage (and phys are in need of it), they would do it by the same method?


If they launch an OP physical weapon through a portal the difficulty level of the map would be more difficult (we all know how difficult it can be)

But really the physicists need physical weapons because anyone makes the same mechs are copied from a high range mech they do it and ready they have nothing else to do while the energy - heat types have to make more complex mechanisms so in my opinion they need the physical new weapons

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looks like someone is desperate for a 3+ range energy-free physical weapon :sweat_smile: and it being op too

nah that stuff needs to be well over 100kg

i think a lot of us have a kind of nostalgie for the legacy designs