New physical torso and legs are nedet


Please Super mechs developers we need especialy these old legendary legs to go mythical


That top mech looks really nice to me idk why


Chromium Crushers and Typhoon really fit well together.


dude they stop at legendary for a reason to make sure there are no overpowered items


Have you realized that most items that don’t go to myth are stronger than items that do go to myth at the same level? Typhoon and Chromium Crushers have pretty absurd health for a legendary. Ronin and Power Bottoms also have above average HP.


This is not the way they go.

They make it over powered because those items can’t reach Mythical tier, not the opposite.


fine have it your way man


I really like how Typhoon looks.
A shame that it doesn’t reach mythical tier…


And spartan carnage before was only legendary but after they updated to go mythical and i think with some help from the comunity they will hear us and they will update it to go mythical


Spartan was actually SUPPOSED to reach mythical state since the enforcement of Reloaded…
The fact it was Leg-only was a bug in the code, found and reported by community, then vaporized by devs…

And like people already saied, some items don’t go to myth state because they have better stats than they mythable counterpart, AT THE SAME LEVEL AND TIER…:smiley_cat:
(exemple is Kraken, I heard it’s the best heat torso, it can surpass most mythable heat torsos when both are at the same boost level…)