New physical drone


The physical drone, should consume less energy, or just generate heat.
With the energy gays the game was ruined.




then use a heat instead of b1tching on the forums lol


He has a point. Phys drones shouldn’t even use energy. It just puts them at a disadvantage against energy mechs (energy is op as it is). Least they could do is a make a non-energy or low energy use drone.


Heat drones that don’t generate heat…

Energy drones that don’t use energy…

Physical drones that heal the enemy, then self-destruct because they’re worthless trash and no one likes them… XD


Sorry, I did not mean to offend or discriminate against anyone.
I just wanted to say, that 98% of energies are cowardly chickens.

and now they have the advantage, the game is very bad.


Lol what?

20 characters


I have been the three elements, energy, heat and physics, and each has its own pros and cons, the energy without modules has no advantage against the other two sides


I agree,one phys drone with low energy cost or maybe none at all won’t hurt anyone.
But if it gets implemented,it’s only fair for it to do less damage than their ordinary energy-use phys big brothers.


We don’t need a new drone.

Just a simple change for void and the other phys drones, no cost energy.
Before opening a new topic, think about what we already have and how to make decent changes


Like i said in another topic, where the subject was about the death of phis builds, ended up about the needed energy free phis drone.
In the curent meta, it is needed but you can do without.
The pros would be that phis builds would become stronger against energy.
but the drone would have to impair them towards other things.
My humble opinion would be a drone, that weights alot, has decent dmg(100ish), and generate alot of heat, and maybe have limited uses.
otherwise, as in most scenarios energy vs phis, the matches last around 6-8 turns, if the drone deals too much dmg, would unbalance to much, since curent matches end up with phis losing by a hair, 100-400 hp left on the energy mech.
Makeing it generate alot of heat, will make the upmentioned phis build, prone to beeing countered by heat, and that is a good balance.


So you say that you are noob? It is easy to counter energy mech with physical. Maybe put fcking energy modules in ur mech? Then rest is easy - you have much bigger damage so u won before they even do energy break.


That’s true This text will be blurred