New paints should be gold and diamond

They should make these paints worth, 100 tokens to 200 tokens. This will make people want to buy tokens to get these things.

Hey @TWT_Masterzen Please can you add a bit more information to your idea beyond a title? And perhaps add a poll so that people can vote on the idea!


Gold camo will have a shine to it but it should look like it’s been through many wars or battles. The diamond should look shiny and very expensive.

really la pitnura does not have to be so expensive friend we are very good with how expensive everything else is


How can we paint something ‘diamond’ ? Make it invisible? Lol

that would cost more because nobody will know how is your mech so there would be 300 tokens :wink:

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unless they change the “You Can’t Color Max Myths” issue - this or any other color cosmetics - won’t sell well.

As those with max myth won’t be able to utilize it.

So no Top Rank spenders (Those most likely to want this) would be able to use it.

Okay, why would I spend 100-200 tokens a pop to colour an item when I can just go into GIMP and make a whole set of liveries for free? (In terms of money at least)

I do agree that the cosmetic stuff should be where the micro-transactions lay, however not at these prices. The game must also compensate for this with gameplay and game design that stays far away from the micro-transactions. Hell maybe even remove the option to buy more coins, fuel or premium.

I also think this idea should be expanded upon A LOT, to the point to where you have a custom colour hex wheel that you can select from before buying so now you can choose between 16,777,216 colours! On top of that some Underground 2 style customisation (Yes I know I am pushing this again) and that should seem fair to make them cost tokens but only if it is designed and balanced correctly.

The “You Can’t Color Max Myths” issue would need to be removed from the game in order for this to work, so as for now this is a dream.

“You can’t color Max Myths” is not a thing anymore, I can color them just fine.

Also… you just want those neons in… don’t you…?


REALLY I did not know - ( dusts off credit card)


They should add a cloaking device -.- . Would be useful to hide your weapons.

Oh my god…

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