New Paint now in the shop!


just new paints?!
and 20 discount
not even really permanently making some of the really overpriced paints like “storm” camo that costs 300 for 1 cube cheaper?!
… i thank the new paints but they’re really overpriced
seriously, i’ve been working hard and i’ve only got like 400 tokens… that’s like 1 storm paint without and with the 20% discount

just fantastic

just glad the green marble isnt as expensive…


This is my 1st time I buy paints.

Anyway can u buy more than one paint? Or jave u to buy and use item, buy and use etc.

Are paints stackable? Or can u have 1 x time in your inventory?


Ah anyway… yes new paints are so overpriced, and it’ss not perm item…

Fix it plz. U have 2 ways to fix.

1st. Take its price 300/350T, but make it tradablem among your items.

2nd. Lower its price up to 200(at max), and let it be bind to item(like it is now)


Tht’s how my main mech looks after mistPaints


Top side is vandal rage(yellow one) amd desolation (black one).

I’m thinking to leave deso black painted.

I’m doubt about VR…

I’m thinking to paint it blue or white or red(getting same theme as drone is)

What do u suggest me guys? How should I paint my VR?


And what this(central one) colour is supposed to o be?


Brown Paint, still a “good paint”, but not the most practical one.


Brown… ty

Do u think mystique paint match nice with storm paint? (I.m thinking to paint VR and drone with storm paint)


The “Fashion Mech-Police” will hunt you down if you do that.

Just do Mytique on Legs and Torso, then side weapons are color Blue or Pink, looks good and matching… Except don’t change the color of your Corrupt Light.


can i buy and bring in inventory more than 1 “paint color” x time?

I mean can i have 2/3 items to paint at same time?

(i’m asking here cuz it’s my thread to painting shet), and i’m gonna ask u againt to vote my style or not(i’ll post pictures)


Is it worth to spend 3 cubes of storm paint for my energy? its my economies that i was joining to use in sale boxes…


Not really imo.
Just cause storm paint on some items not looks as u aspect.

Anyway if u really like it, go for it


Can I stack more than 1 painting item in my inventory?



time to farm some tokens for paints :stuck_out_tongue:


Can I stack more than 1 painting item in my inventory?


Time to wake up again my post XDD


1st question:

Does top side weapon “dark red coloured” look ugly?

I mean, can my mech looks nice with HB and top weapons( deso & VR ) coloured like my drone?

PS. Atm deso is black, but I can paint it


Is it nice idea paint “dark red”(as my drone is)

Or does it looks nice at eyes?
Or tht “red” is too much when u have a look on my mech?


I love red.
Soo i’ll give ya that.


The fashion police is on the case…

Good ideas:
– paint body/legs/drone in same color and don’t paint weapons.
– paint weapons in same color and don’t paint other parts (maybe drone excepted).

Bad ideas:
– mix paints as crazy boy.
– use pink color (excepted for girls/gays).