New Paint now in the shop!






Damn this Mystique paint is dope


Try making a better paint combination and fail poorly.


Can anyone post here pictures how urban camo style looks?
If storm paint screens too.

Mystique one looks good, i’m sure

If possible set more than 1 picture for each storm/urban style(i mean post diff meches or diff weared weapons, so I can try understand how it looks on various items)

Ty for anyone helping me


Is NF pink coloured or is it myst style?


Looking good!!!:+1::+1::+1::+1:


All the weapons have regular paint.


Last question

Do I need buy “colour item” for each item(torso/high side weap/ robot)?

Or can I buy 1 color item and paint 1 whole mech?


Need to buy one per item, just like the common paints. :)


yay, bought wrong paint and wasted 160 tokens :smiley:


guess im green now


This Mech looks great in Green!


Nothing can make me change my Pink Marbling!..

… Unless it’s Blue or Cyan Marbling, then hell yes spending 50 (40) tokens on that.


Blue marble comming soon. :slight_smile:


Is thisu scamu yes?

Kidding,your guess.


I could post a image here, but no spoilers.


Ya wanna see something Sarah?!



…o crap i didn’t painted.Just puted gold,that’s all.



Wana post it now?


Give us a preview feature with the paints. I’d probably buy some if I knew in advance how my mech would look.


Since i have the bad habit os fuse good items away, gonna paint my naga now before i use on some random gun… and just had token for him :confused: