New Paint now in the shop!


Green Marble & Mystique Paint are now in the shop.
Bonus! All the Paint is on sale today only!

Post pictures of your newly customized Mechs! :slight_smile:

Dont waste time

Storm paint? xD Thought it was Mystique and Green Mable


*Mystique Paint

error in post


Pst , sarah , make them cost 20 tokens each aigh?


still expensive, especially for f2p players. paints must be buyable with golds like before reloaded


mmmm still too much
i really want camo one
but no when there is like 40%+ sale maybe


This was well worth the patience and tokens!


Want me like…21 mistique paint , sarah gimme gimme


I LOVE the Mystique paint more than Blue Storm, please make it on-sale for 100 Tokens :joy:


i was thinking the energy version of the new heat legs is now but…


Me too, also these spots :

spot%201 and image and image

Were never used for Portals again :cry:

Scavenger Pass was used for other portals and the original Unicorn Portal, “Saturn’s Storm”
While Frozen Abyss was used for the other half of the Unicorn Portal, now named “Unicorn Portal” :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice post about Paints bro.

And yes, supposedly yes. I was unable to participate in the Unicorn Portal but yeah, from the stories.


It’s too bad about those guys that bought pink marble instead of green marble. :laughing:

Green marble looks way better!




I like pink better though


Mystique paint looks very nice :ok_hand:


Ofc there is no fire paint.


Fire is gey
Go away Aku


Pink is…i don’t want to get banned again.

pls stop saying aku to go away or i shall give you succ


Me neither