New paint idea by PROTO32TYPE


Military Kit: Green Camo, Desert Camo, Blue Navy Camo, Fire Camo
Cyborg Kit: Blue Electric, Green Metal, Silver, Gold, Titanium, Red Dragon
Alien Kit: Fury, Madness, Ghost, Crossbone, Taskmaster, Trooper

New mechs paint IDEA

Green camo is already there.
Navy camo comming soon.

What is a credit…


Wrong word “credits”, correct word is Tokens

Eliminated “70 Credits”… too high value


First image Fury - Alien Kit
Full version


First image Madness - Alien Kit
Full version


First image Ghost - Alien Kit
Full version


try sliver and golden paint oh and flaming paint for heat mech the paint skin should look like this


I created the images with, thanks bro


oh ok but fire paint skin would be nice and awesome right


i got some ideas for a mech paint booth but i don’t know if you like it or not
but if you want to see here the link


You can create a image and post it here (if you are good designer)


Too low, new camo paints will cost 100 Tokens…




First image Crossbone - Alien Kit
(For now is only a prototype)


First image Taskmaster - Alien Kit
(For now is only a prototype)


First image Trooper - Alien Kit
(For now is only a prototype)

Alien Kit finished


First image Blue Electric - Cyborg Kit
Full version


First image Red Dragon - Cyborg Kit
Full version


Wow, did you make these? All the stencils and designing?