New options to buy tokens with gold


buy tokens
I have an idea, with the upgrade of the increased exp always came to have much more than 100,000 gold, so I thought it would be a good idea to add the option to buy tokens for gold, the current options to get them are a bit slow and others are not can access them like me, just depend on the daily missions, and recently the raid, I think it would be fair taking into account that we can not all invest in the game, my brothers play or can not buy because they are minors, and well there is also I enter, I can not see videos to win tokens, so I thought you could buy tokens with the amount in tokens that you buy gold, I hope that it will apply in the future would help everyone in general


Do daily missions
You are welcome


Never going to happen. Why? Because there’s an unwritten rule. Tokens > yellow thingies. Yellow thingies < Tokens. You can’t exchange yellow thingies for tokens.


Tokens are premium currency in the game while gold is basic currency.
You can not buy premium stuff using common stuff,that’s logical.
If you could,then what value would the premium currency have?
None,it would be just another form of common currency.


Why is this even in ideas and features ? Like all u want is free tokens, why do you think TS would do it?


I thought you quit?..


It is one thing to quit a game and another thing to quit posting on that game’s forum.
Plus, I’m glad to still have @Merciful here.
I’m sorry he had to quit,however…
Hearing that wasn’t pleasant to me as it wasn’t for him either.
I respect his choice anyway.I know it wasn’t easy for him to do that and I’m gonna support him if I can.


Ayy lmao I still like to bash down people’s ideas on the forums in my spare time, when I’m bored.

Whoops just read L4K3’s post right after posting… lol


Well it would be 1K for a token… (sorry for the revive, I have a tendency to do this.)


Please pay attention to the last post date before posting. You’ve been cluttering up the forums as of late with your “necroposting” and it’s not a good thing. Thanks.

If you’d like to discuss this further, feel free to PM me instead of responding in this old thread.


Alright sorry… I’m not new but I am barely on here. ever.


this is a good idea i am with you



that means you too


I agree it will help me and others if this happens