New Offer Popup!


It’s 3,500 more than you’d normally get for 99$


ok, but that does not interest me


They want your money.


Very nice new offers! I would most certaintly purchase them If I could.




Well i got this offer aswell, might consider simply because of token amount, it’s a lot of portals to grind potentialy, which reminds me how horrible drops from portals are lately, if i waste 100$ but if portals will still give me crap and no legies i would feel very disapointed and somewhat robbed. I do realize you can’t simply buy drop rates ( I think ) , thats why i don’t want to risk and be disapointed by horrible portals, probably gona pass, but if someone can asure that portals suddenly will get great agian then i might as well buy it!



Is this not for Kongregate members?
Or do just some users get this chance?


i dont get pop ups… cause i play on kongregate

i kinda want them now… cause of the offers im seeing other people get


I have my lower mech seleted… but cant seem to get any of the improve your mech offers to show up

( I cant spend money on this game… but I am curious.)


Play on supermechs website and im sure you’ll get them, same account works.


That’s nice, great job right here.


It doesn’t seem to work.


It does, i’m playing right now.


Did you use the kongregate user and pass?


Oh no, i don’t play on Kongregate, can’t trust that site.


Before the offers ran for all the players, that is, if something cost x amount of tokens … it didn´t matter how you bought or obtained them.

Now, it matters how you buy, that is, if you use another means of payment that is not a credit card (I don´t use them for this), you don´t have access to any offer.

It´s unfair that is so, especially considering that those who buy by other means of payment, we usually pay more expensive tokens.

Therefore, this is advertising for credit cards. I do not like. Absolutely, I don´t like it.


Make sure that nick and password are correct, i had that problem when i switched from difrent website aswell.