New Offer Popup!


Hi Pilots
We just went live with some new “improve your mech” offers
They are mostly intended for lower level players, so you might be getting offers which are not too appealing.
If you don’t like the offer you see, you can change to a different mech in the carousel and get an offer to improve that mech, which you might like more.

Good Luck!

One Time Special Offer :exclamation:
What special offers did you get?

But why is my offer like this
??!!Capturenogodplzno:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Could you please remove this annoying popup every 10 min etc. ? 1 time show its enough, not need to show it every ~10 min or after mission completed… f2p


This poppup is getting kind of annoying for a while now.

Can you tell them to tone it down a bit? Thanks.


Because you’re in Arena.


If this is another one of the stupid offers,i will give up easily.


It is another p2w offer, you can give up easily :smiley:

( For low - medium ranks )


TS wants some money lmao.


And you not :question:

Ok, tacticsoft pay me money for playing,
or i stop it after next Item Portal. (with others)


Special Offer

One week playing for only 100$

Get it now :exclamation:
Only here !


@Sarah247 yes, please make it get to the devs so it stop appearing every damn time as i don’t have money to buy such things…


Is this for everybody to see?
Can’t see any offers or popups. or do you need to do something to see them?


@Sarah, please, I need some clarification here. This offer was discussed in another thread already. However, I didn’t see a straight answer from SilverBox.

Is this a temporary boost until items upgrade to the next tier? At which point, it returns to normal stats. Or a permanent change for items that are upgraded to max mythical items? By looking at this offer, I assume it’s a permanent change that affects max mythical items.


Mate its just a packaged upgrade of related items.
Practicaly, you buy this thing and it takes your torso to legy level X, your mods to level XY etc…


This offers are only to who pays by card… That is bad.


Ok, but does this offer stick when you upgrade items to myth? Like 110% myth item?


No mate no extra here. Itll bring you as high as max myth.
Offer didnt pop up on my end for example. All is maxxed.


Hmm, if that’s the case, it’s an interesting offer still.


I’m actually tempted, just because of the sheer amount of tokens


99.9 dollars or 109.99 euro is a lot of money

the impression that supermechs money problem?