New Notification Update is <3


new Achievements :slight_smile: and Notification UPDATES are COOOOOOOL! :slight_smile:
You get notification when you daily rewards are ready,

even how active you are when your out of blues, sometimes you forgot to take your Daily reward for the 120 blues, and i happens to me about 2 months on 2015, Thanks Battledawn staff, members and family for helping us non red users to remeber our Daily rewards :slight_smile:

Am I the 1st one to get 33 achievements ?


i already got 34 the day they launched the update :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, it’s a great update. I always forget about the daily bonus too haha.


lol you Bully :smiley: never tought my inactive friend way back on F5 will going to get Gold medal Boat ^^


hey milan :smiley: haha just last month when i know your name β€œmilan” from other players nice meeting you (nod)