New Mything Record?


Yesterday after raid was over, I collected my 200 tokens and had a total of 210.

The quest was to max leg Iron Boots from 0-40, then make 3 more yellows from scratch, and then max myth the Iron Boots, all purely from farming. The Gold Portal helped, plus great drops from the Get 5 Boxes. I started the day with 9k gold.


Remember previous day the legs were Heat version? …refer Besty’s pic on dual Spartan thread.


you are @HateBlueMechs ?


Looks good… wonder where i saw that one befor


Yes, in my past life. I started this new account when I was transformed.


2 mythplate Q.Q!!!


then you said,

so this is you?


Yes. I was referring to the forum account by the way.


Hi there


Sorry to be off-topic but what happened to the other account?


Barned …duh! I’m sure you saw the rants against devs.

Then I created this acccount and promised to be nice :slight_smile:


Glad to have you back!


So thats why your introduction post was so familiar (and strange for a noob)

I was suspicious, but now I know XD


We suspected you for a while now XD


Where’s that screenshot from. Didn’t see it LOL


Its a pm.
Welcome back, old friend.


looking good E, looks like you’re pretty much done. just one more mod to myth.


Thanks. That mod is very crucial now with the arena perks. Electricians are packing more punch. Then just the Platinum Hook to myth and max. Still max legendary. I’m kind of liking the Dustmaker as well. It hits 250 quite a bit.

…Then attention to my shitty second mech. Will be converting it to Physical as well. Maybe share the Spartans between the two. No res protector on that one though, which is the WORST aspect. I fear I may need to spend money soon :confounded:


I’d say keep the double carnage mech and make either a dual nightfall or dual anihilations mech for your second. I lack the myth protecter too and only have one of each targetted resistence mods at l-m level. its a real ■■■■■, I’ve so far been able to make up for it by having 5 L-M myth plates so I guess it could be worse. shrugs.


“by having 5 L-M myth plates so I guess it could be worse”, tries not to cry, cries a lot…


I wish I had mercy!:disappointed_relieved: