New mythical ideas?


when you say giant robot fight the first things you think are rocket launchers laser beams and swords but there are other nice looking weapons and probably can make a difference on game strategies

like you think, i see that theres any mythical shield so i think, why dont do something different? basically this is the idea:
Arm shields would be placed like a side weapon and would reduce hp damage taken in % but not the extra dmgs, also this reduction only would apply in 1-3 range, you can use it 3 times to knockback your fool but wont do almost anything on offensive
-Inferno shield: 15 dmg, 15 heat dmg. 2 knockback, reduces explosive dmg taken by 40%, cost 20 heat, 65 kg
Make yourselves the conversion for electric and physical
-Multishield reduce all hp dmg taken by 30% cost 15 heat and 15 electric, dont deal dmg but have 3 knockback, 75 kg

literally lets take the soul of our enemies
a melee weapon that can drain the 50% of the dmg it deals
dont drain resistance dont deal heat or energy dmg but deal cooling/regen dmg
100 explosive/electric dmg/ 120 physical dmg
20 Cooling/regen dmg/ no cooling and regen dmg
20 heat/energy cost
50% hp dmg drain
2 uses
wanna become the reaper? this is your weapon

Do you hate the flametrowers? well this is basically the same but oposite
let me explain it better
a flametrower do a low hp dmg but a great extra type dmg
but the saws are brutal theyll do a great hp dmg, drain resistance and also do regen or cooling dmg obviously a giant saw most be destructive and would be a meelee weapon, but also its fragile so they have 3 uses and 1 range
-Thunder saw 95 dmg, 7 resistance drain, 8 regen dmg, 10 electric dmg, cost 25 energy generates 10 heat, 85/95 kg(im not sure on weight)
make yourselves the conversion to heat and physical

a grapling hook that drains resistance deals low damage but great extra dmg
12 explosive dmg
2 resistance drain
50 heat dmg
2-6 range
2 uses
5 energy consume 25 heat generation

An specific item for each mythical torso
like yoshimo blade, usa transporters and the 3 god mode legs

i forget add drones ideas
-a knockback drone
-a piercing drone(drains resistance)
-another cluster drone

this are just design ideas so i dont put stats on them:
-A winged torso
-female torso
-female legs
-skull torso
-giant jaws torso
-amorphous torso
-Cristal looking torso
-pirate ship torso
-crab legs
-centaur legs
-Yoshimo Y?
-USA mark 2?
-Sovietic torso?


Female legs? I thought Tapping was sexy enough? I mean…look at those demn legs…


yes theyre sexy xD
but i wish there could be more on game by weird that sounds this always boost interest

btw about the other things what do you think?


About the skull torso…why don’t you make the Skull drones bigger :joy:


Do we really need more useless mythical items, though? :stuck_out_tongue:


Why not? There’s money involve with it so…


i was thinking on something more skeletic you know xD

these ideas are just a try to get something new on game, the scythe would be incredible usefull as you see xD
im getting bored of seeing the same strategy all the time im even going down to have fun with original strategies not the copy/paste of rank 1 xD


Inteligent Type Of Attack Drone

Look: Like 3 Eyed Toad, Eyes are: Red, Blue and Yellow.
During attack it open mouth and attack from it
Maybe it could stay on ground on replacement of flying?
74 kg
70 Explosive/Physical/Electric damage

10 Rockets, 22 heat consume, 32 enemy heat drain 1 Explosive shield drain (On Explosive)
15 Bullets, 15 Heat consume, 10 enemy energy drain 1 Physical shield drain(On Physical)
30 Energy consume , 40 enemy energy drain, 1 Electric shield drain (On Electric)

But when we ran out of all (Bullets, Rockets, Energy), It have 30% chance to suicide into enemy with 80-95 No-Type Damage, it mean that Shields doesnt matter to this attack, it also heat up enemy by 60

It check out Enemy’s Shields
-If Shields are 10 EXP, 5ELC, -2PHY It attack Physical
-If Shields are 10 EXP, 10ELC, 10PHY It attack Random
-If Shields are 10 EXP, 10ELC, 10PHY, but no bullets and rockets It attack Electric

IDK, it was just first thing i thought about.


By shields did you mean resistance


Yea. But what do you think about this all I-TOAD?


its pretty OP i like this thing
could be better like a mini-tank? combine triplepointer with caterpillars, i get enought bored with those head looking drones,but i like the idea of atacking from its mouth
also the suicide final blow would be a great add to all drones, but with a different dmg
i think this thing would be really heavy tough like a 68kg maybe
i like the idea i thinked a drone that drains resistance but i dont have the complete idea yet so i like to see this idea its pretty nice


Its not so OP. for comparsion i’ll give here Other drones stats
74kg (heaviest are Eruptors 45kg)
70dmg (strongest is bullet shark 40-68)
energy drain as triple energy pointer, but more consume.
heat 32 (most heating drone Sector eye 25, but cost more consuming, but use 5 more rockets)
Physical use lots of bullets.

Ok. we could make it a bit lighter, and less bullest use and heating.


Also it could look like Ironclad Torso with some modifications. :robot:


tee hee hee in battle would be painful for enemies
i think its nice


We had enough broken mythicals , more mythicals will only makes the current game balance even worse


why more weapons, drones and torsos? we need only one more mith or legendary:

a combined cooling & regeneration module with 25-30 of each and 45-50 weight, why?
because is the only item without legendary or myth, and is necesary… i need it ok… :blush:


with a yoshimo x and usa mark its more than needed xD


Maybe a new torso called “Skulltron” Strongest torso in the game (stronger than god mode)
1000 Hit points, Boosts stomp attack damage by 66, Other attack damages by 77,
Glowing eyes, Looks like Galactus but with a skull face, And also a pair of legs that does
the same thing called “Skelly walkers” Same thing but instead of boosts the stomp is at


Anything to stop the rocket spam that’s everywhere. Get above bronze and it’s rocket spam and flamethrowers every time. Getting close to quitting on anyone using them as solo weapons. Just game ruining. “Let’s all just spam the uber weapon and think it fun, herp derp.”


you can counter it with firewall and legs with stompx2, like: counter close combat with long range combat…

stompx2 + Fire-Wall +heat granade (side) +top weapon with knockback(heat):imp:

of curse is a low dmg, so you need be hard enough to not be killed… and pray :vulcan: