New multiplayer feature/more mech variants

I had sent an email to reccomend a feature, but was then reccomended to put it here: I have a recommendation for the next update! an awesome idea for pvp would be to make it similar to campaign mode. let me explain. if we could use a base, place obstacles, place buggys and tanks, and then set up a boss fight using your mech(s) along with customized buggys and tanks, you could also customize a side mech apart from the boss mech. you can buy certain parts using in-game currency by buying the parts with gold, and getting rarities past purple with tokens! it would add so much more to the game and I personally dislike the fact that tanks and buggys are exclusive to the campaign (that’s alot of use with the word “reccomend”! LOL)

You mean that we build our own campaign-like levels?

Basically. We build bases within a 5x5 or 6x6 area using barriers, custom tanks and buggys, and destructible obstacles for extra rewards! So it’s technically custom levels. The general idea is a custom level editor where you can create levels for other players to challenge!

I like your idea.

I think that the game is already going in this direction since tomorrow the last chapter of 2 mech Campaign will be added. From there on it would only be natural for game developers to sooner rather than later add a 3 mech Campaign and Arena.

I suggested something similar a couple of months ago - Multiple Mech Battle altho I got a mellow response from the community. Hopefully more people will respond here since your words draw a more vivid picture.

Does anyone know of any similar posts on this topic?

That isn’t what I meant. What I mean is USER created levels. I didn’t say anything about another campaign