New Module Released!


It’s already able to get it from boxes?


No, not yet :stuck_out_tongue:
Apparently it has not fully come out, lol




Old bug


Someone in the chat said he obtained it, but he gave no proof, so I have no idea if I should trust that person or not.


Was me, lol i got it.


Ahh, congrats. I believe it’s a pretty overpowered item combined with Lava Scope, since 50 + 65 = 115; you get 115 cooling which nothing but one module.


115 Cooling is pretty bad


I think it was a repugnant idea to add this item. As if heat controls werent making enough problems.

Edit: also its VERY similar to heat controls but eh whatever.


I got up to 190 cooling, on my bad mech lmao,


140 cooling is enough for any mechs lol.


What you mean with “causing problems”?



I think this module can be useful for the usa mark torso and god mode, which could now, increase HP. But in the case of god mode, it would be quite low of max. heat, so… could lose shots at each turn vs. heat.

In the case of hell fire, diamond and lavascope, I do not think they need it, these torsos already work quite well with 2 modules. In addition the greater weight of the new cooling control, would force them to change some things or lower HP

Anyway, in view of the bad contents that the boxes have lately, it will be quite difficult to get 2, which would be necessary for 1 mech.


Heat controls cause a few problems. First of all eacg mech needs em so they are staples. But for free to play players they would be lucky to get 1 or 2 (even after months of grinding) which isnt very good. Staples should never be mythicals.
The other thing is whether they are healthy to have in the game to start with. They allow these absurd mechs with 130+ cooling. I think it was better when 90-100 cooling was good. Now with these and lavaspray everyone needs to have insanely high cooling. However the game must change and evolve of course. Just like higher damage and electric weapons will be a thing so will cooling and heating. That doesnt necessirally make it fine however.


They want you to spend money getting multiple copies :wink:


Totally agree!


the problem isn’t that heat controls are hard to get, the real problem is the heat damage from the weapons.


If you’re lucky enough :wink:




Wait for the mk 2s and 3s tee hee.