New module idea - cbf naming it :\

im thinking a crossover module?

like the type where there is both energy and heat. i think we had them in the legacy days (cant rly remember). i dont know how the stats should be since im not that great and i only own epic to legendary modules. ill just judge from legendary

(unupgraded) legendary stats

heat capacity: +24
cooling: +11
energy capacity: +24
regen: +11
weight: 25kg

since legendary modules give 48 of their capacity and 22 of their regen/cooling, i halved them since putting 1 heat module and 1 energy module is the same as putting 2 of these. again, i cant judge mythical stats because i dont own any mythical modules. sry if that causes inconvenience :3


be warned, a bunch of other people are going to begin the dissing. i warned u man.

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yes, we did have these in legacy.
but the stats are a bit low don’t you think?
anyways have a poll

  • add this please
  • don’t add these
  • good idea but needs changes

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They’re using legendary level one, since they don’t know max myth. They’re identical to heat/energy engine

oh, I didn’t realise. thanks.

in that case, it should be lowered a bit if the stat up progression through upgrades stays the same as the regular modules.

ill keep that in mind :v

It’s way too underpowered. For example, let’s say you placed 2 of these modules on your mech. Since the stats of each engine are halved into this module, it would basically be the same thing as placing one heat and energy engine. 1 normal engine weighs 25kg, so placing 2 of them would equal 50kg. However, if you placed 2 of this module on your mech, it would give you the exact same stats as 1 heat and energy engine, but weighs 2x times more.


Mate, try not to steal ideas,
That was my idea post from over a year ago, the sprites are in sandbox

lol sry didnt see it i only started posting about a week ago. but hey,

great minds think alike :7


ok boomer.


base legen stats:

heat capacity: +40
cooling: +20
vice versa for energy and regen
weight: 50kg


Yeah, which means you can have 2 and a half energy and heat engines on a balanced torso
Wait oh god that weight

lol yeah sry just realised XD changed the stats a bit

That’s just OP, do half the stats of each for the KG of a normal engine.

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k then