New module and side weapon idea

I have 2 modules which r not op and are E-M
Natiale generator - summary
This modules produces natiale which heals ur mech by 25 hp(at max level) every 2 turns
It weights 35 kgs
It’s E-M
It produces 20 heat Everytime it heals
Natiale Repulser
It also weights 35 kgs
This side weapon only has 1 use (uses increase as u transform it from E-M ( example at epic it has 1 use and at myth it has 3 uses ))
It produces 20 heat
It deals 45-150 damage (at max level )
What it does is ,
When u hit ur opponent with this weapon their natiale generator is disabled and they no longer heal every 2 turns (it completely disables the natiale generators irrespective to the number of modules kept )
Tell me is this a good idea or not

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Too little healing ability and another item that could potentially fill a better one in a box.

Even so,we have already discussed that anything related to healing gets a big fat NO in #Reloaded,and that for many reasons.

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Healing will only extend the battle.
It WILL be op if a player equips like, 3 of these or more.

There are 8 module slots. If all those slots are filles then:


If someone is dumb enough to do this, they will heal 200 hp every 2 turns. So this makes the natialr thingy op.

So it’s a bad idea.

if they pack 8 heal mods,they will have very low hp and poor core stats.200 hp is a lot,but you can only achieve it if you pack 8.

It’s still op though. If you are an energy, you can drain your opponent and they can only stomp (unless they have energy free weapons) and keep heali g

If you are a heater, you can keep shutting your opponent down and keep healing untill you’re hp is high again.

Do anyone read the 2nd item

If you have that, sure.

The problem is if you face an opponent with the generator and you DON’T have the weapon.

And consider the game’s horrible drop rates lol.

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for energy,you’ll drain yourself because of low energy regen…if you’re a heater you will also shut yourself down,plus you can rarely shut people down nowadays though.
@Aador yes,I read the 2nd’s too underpowered.

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The 8 module thing is just an example. A proper build with engines, hp plate and this generator is what makes it deadly.

remember,you can only regen every 2 rounds.

Self-Repair System… Hmm interesting, but need some buff!

Make it repair mech by 10% at max level for every two turns and make it categorized as Specials instead of module.

I suggest the items name would be " Self-Repair System "

terrible idea, people would stack up the natilate module for more healing with the claw, and making a weapon just for a module sounds a little bit dumb, sorry not sorry

sorry buddy,please don t try to “balance” super mechs with this idea

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