New Mech Idea <aksdfksajafkdj>

this is a video of a game with my new mech idea

basically it’s all about knockback

ps, it would be better with a healing drone

how can i attain one of these?

Pretty sure someone with a myth hook + myth telelport or charge can beat that mech. Also the top heat and energy mechs.

ye i guess it’s all pointless…

Insert [facepalm]
Another point for dah kid that states the obvious…

get your hand outta your face and talk sense

stop hitting yourself

Still, would probably work in the lower ranks. If it had two bullies (the little yellow weapons that move you back by (I think, not sure) 3 ranges. That plus some melee weapon like the epic version of meteor would make a (Once again, not completely sure) decent push mech. I think your version in video may work in ranks 10-20.

This idea is not NEW, and well, doesn’t works in rank 1.