New mech and weapons

Hi I’m old to this game but I’m planning on making an energy mech. Should I use windigo and sparked runners?:thinking:

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They’re a pretty decent pair. Light weight and can be well stated. Do you know what type of weapons/modules you’ll be using?

(same for drone/utilities).


And my weapons are 2 maxed malice beams, a grim cobra, last words, and the drone is face shocker

With health modules and energy modules

Try something like this (thankfully had all the parts to make a base mech).

I believe with all your weapons and utilities you SHOULD be under weight by a fair bit.

Your weapons also totla out to 277 weight. Which SHOULD fit on this mech.

You’re left with 59kgs left. Which can allow you to fit a charge, hook and tp.

Yes that’s what I meant

Thank you for giving me an idea.

That’s quite low energy for an energy mech, I have to say.

You mean heat not energy

Torsos not max, neither is the fourth* engine. Plus this is about as good for F2P as I could get. He could change a heat engine for another energy one if he wishes to.

And no problem @sebastian_marquez good luck on your mech!

Crap, I didn’t think about the torso. I saw the maxed Modules and thought that was it.

Seems good actually

You are the energy main. So I’ll let you handle it if there’s anything wrong or not enough of. You can lemme know (or rather let him know). c:

@WinzKay it’s so freaking tempting…but no I cannot allow myself to go down that road. q.q (maybe if I get two more bunkers).

Nah, I want you to become an energy so imma let you handle this fella

C’mon. You can let the peer presure get to you. It’s okay

@sebastian_marquez For F2P, Last Words, Malice Beam, EMP and Hysteria seems fine for now. Total weight of 243 kgs so you have 93 kgs to spare.

Add a Faceshocker and you’re good to go

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I forgot about EMP/Hysteria, those would help cover more range with more drain/damage.

Also give me like 15 more energy engines and we got a deal lmfao

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Hey dus anyone know the chances of sparked runners

Since it’s L+M, very unlikely.

Although when we get the Lightning Scope portal next week. I’d hope for one!

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If you don’t have Naga or Grim Reaper then yes

Better use a hysteria and a malice , 2x last words. (1 if you have bulldog / bunker)

1 second please , i will show some mech examples