New Leg Idea - Ranged Stompers


My idea of these legs don’t push opponents back one space, and if it makes the legs more balanced they can have only one movement instead of 2.


Updated Stats: (still at max mythical)
Weight 142
HP 405
Damage 137-195
Push 0
Range 1-2
Walk range 1
Jump range 0
Uses/Turn 1

  • Better
  • Worse (tell me why)
  • Good
  • Bad (tell me why)
  • Needs Improvement (tell me what)

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They should be able to jump.


Okay, jump range 2
20 chars


Anything else? 20chars


You know, it’s actually an interesting idea… I can think of some variations you can put on it though…


What about using the Mega Jump animation, and have it do a Ground Pound effect where any opponents in 1-2 Range get knocked back 1 space… and take a bit of damage of course?


Just do a Regular Jump, Range 1-2, but with Knockback of 1 (so when you land, opponent gets pushed to Range 2)… would make for some interesting combos :grinning:


people voting for “great” must be trying to meme out the situation


Nope, closing in + push is entirely different from no push.
Opponent stands in corner, you stand 2 spaces away.
You have 1 axe for range 1 but no range 2 weapon left.
The opponent has ebough HP to survive an attack by the axe + drone barely.

  • If the legs simply attack from distance 2 you will stay at distance 2 and cannot use your axe. So the opponent will win.
  • If the legs jump and then push that means after using the “stomp” you stand next to the opponent because he cannot be pushed back while standing in the corner. So you would win.

The opponent stand 2 space away from the corner because you have a Scope equipped.
You stand 2 spaces away from your opponent - so in the middle of the arena.
You have no push weapons anymore and only 1 range 1-2 weapon but you got these legs.
If you use your weapon and then “stomp”

  • with simply range 2 attack of the stomp then the opponent will still stand 2 spaces away from the corner whch means he stands outside the Scope’s target area. Hence he can attack twice in his turn.
  • with jump+push effect legs the opponent would stand only 1 space away from the corner which means he would need to use 1 action to move during his turn to avoid your Scope attack during your next turn.

C) You stand in the corner and our opponent next to you.

  • Without any push effect the opponent still stands in range 1 at the end of your turn.
  • With “jump + push” combo on the legs you will still stand in the corner but your opponent would be 2 spaces away now.

D) You stand 2 spaces away from the corner and your opponent stands 2 spaces away from you in the middle while also having a Scope equipped.

  • Without “jump + push effect” for “stomp” you need to use 1 action in your turn to move.
  • With “jump + push effect” for “stomp” you can attack and “stomp” or “stomp” and attack while still leaving the target area of the Scope.

As such you see that “jump + push” does not equal “no push”.
Hence any “jump + push” combo on legs with range 2 would once again improve their effects drastically.
Therefore NO, no jump + push effects for range 2 legs.