New Leg Idea - Ranged Stompers


How about a physical leg with a range of 2 and no push?

Stats at max mythical:
Weight 132
HP 425
Damage 137-195
Push 0
Range 1-2
Walk range 1
Jump range 2


Kickboxing legs.


Do you like it or is it a terrible idea or has it been seen before?

  • Great!
  • Good, but needs work (tell me what)
  • Terrible
  • Seen before
  • Needs a new name (suggest one)

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I like your idea for the game


heat mech users be like


Why a leg with 1-2 range when there are countless weapons which go from 1-2 range?


I had the same idea :slight_smile:


I voted for “Terrible” because stomping then would cost a bit of energy and create little bit of heat while dealing extra low damage.
After all in exchange for being limited to range 1 stomping deals relatively good damage, costs no energy and creates no heat.
So if you change that restriction then you also have to change its usage costs and damage as it basically becomes another weapon that does not need a weapon slot.


When you are out of uses and energy and just need a little more damage, this is your answer. Also, it wouldn’t cost any energy or heat, just like every other legs.


Do you know melee weapons? the have unlimited uses.


Melee weapons still use energy, this is a last resort and will be just another special thing, like the recoil stompers and dynamite boots.


Nope, the moment you give it range 2 it will cost energy and heat because it becomes a WEAPON like all the other weapons.
It would basically become an AXE weapon with increased range to 2 instead of just range 1 but with lower damage than an axe, yet it would not need a weapon slot like an axe.
So, of course, it WILL cost energy and heat to use.


Not the version in thinking of, just a longer ranged stomper, cost free.


However if it makes you happier, the weight can be increased, like to 140 or 143 Random numbers btw


Your version would then be OP.

Here is a comparison:


  • Go into leg slot. = Do not need an extra weapon slot
  • A mech needs legs anyway = no additional weight for the stomp attack.
  • Stomp can be used TWICE per turn.
  • Stomp has push effect to push the opponent 1 space back.
  • Stomp costs no energy and produces no heat.
  • Unlimited uses.


  • Stomp is limited to range 1.
  • Stomp usually deals less damage than a regular weapon of the same type.

Any weapon for range 1-2:

  • Usually has higher damage compared to legs.
  • Some are ranged 1-2 while the ones limited to range 1 (like axes or hammers) have a push effect.


  • Needs an extra weapon slot.
  • Adds additional weight to the mech.
  • Can only be used ONCE per turn.
  • Limited uses for the strong ones or limited to range 1 like axes.
  • Firing costs consisting of energy and heat costs or extremely heavy if no energy costs with push effect / no cost at all (e.g. Reckoning (energy free with push effect), Annihilation (no costs, but also no push effect)).

And now you want to take away one of those two disadvantages while not taking away an equivalent advantage from the legs.

To get the legs to be range 1-2 you need to balance them with 3 disadvantages:

  1. Firing costs
  2. Limited to 1 use per turn only
  3. Additional weight making them really heavy cause they will be a fusion of a weapon and legs. Therefore they need to have a weight showing that as they save 1 weapon slot and the weapon’s weight.


The Claw is not agreeing with you ^^


The Claw has a ridiculous amount of health in exchange and cannot move either.


Just one?


I meant two legs… If the wrong thing came out and my intention misread, then it is two legs not one.