New Leaderboard to increase competition


So I think the worlds here need some more activity, so how about adding a Leaderboard which will show the following:
Number of Units Killed
Damage Done (In HP)
Damage Done (In resource cost of each unit)
Resources Spent
Resources Generated (Without Boosts)
Outposts Planted/Razed?captured
Colonies Captured
Resources Generated from colonies
Most Recruited (Number of Units)
Most Recruited (Resources spent on recruiting)

The ones above will mainly increase competition between top players who are already strong, but we need something weaker players to compete in too.

Most Conquered (Like you got conquered by 6 different guys in same era lol :P)
Loser (Can’t find a better name, its for the one who loses the most OPs/Mines/Colonies etc)
and some along the lines

Also some Neutral ones like Most teleportations or most shield time or highest spy tick or the first to complete all the structures etc

BTW you won’t get any tokens for being #1 in any of those, as these leaderboards will be in each era in all servers so even if you give 10 Blue tokens for being #1 that’ll be a lot for those who can get into top by planting half inactive colonies into worlds they don’t play and just try to achieve rank into these leaderboards to get the tokens and use it to boost. (That isn’t necessarily bad but not good either as I would like genuine active pop more) Instead of Blue tokens add some new achievements such as being #1 across 5 leaderboards simultaneously, that deserves an award

Also they don’t need to chart all the players only the top 100 or 50.

If you have any confusions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

  • Your Idea is good and should be implemented
  • Idea is nice but could do with some tweaking (Post below)
  • You and your idea both suck

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