New labor day update

Now there is a big fan base to this game.
These issues with campaign and boxes dropping less makes the game not worth it. I know many have invested hundreds. The campaign keeps dropping out mid match losing energy but the box drop for campaign and game in general is not ok for three reasons:

  1. it stagnates new players from being able to do well. Not everyone can just invest into the game and many wont because now its not worth it. the two item drops worked very well for people to keep growing stay confident in learning the game despite the recent BIG UPDATE bugs and issues.

  2. This games pvp was stagnant for over a year. Before this LABOR DAY UPDATE it was flourishing again with diversity and growth which draws more people and maintains activity, competition breeds investment in this sort of game, Now you have certainly showed prejudice to F2P players and newcomers to a point that the game could become too much tedious work and not fun at all.

  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY THIS LABOR DAY UPDATE is unfair to everyone and should not be something that continues because it will drive away people and ruin the games fan base and fun. I LOVE this game but I don’t want to watch it die from a bad adjustment with best interests in P2W players and not the many. 100$ from one is not as good as 2$ from 1000 do not kill this game its filled with amazing multicultural talent and needs to have the boxes and non glitch campaign to ensure players all can grow and win in this arena.



I agree wholeheartedly. As a veteran pilot I love this game so dearly. It’s my only hobby. I’m disabled, so I have a lot of free time. I have seen a wonderful community spring up over at Kongregate over this game, and I’ve been watching it wither ever since. I was so excited for this update, and I still like it in its core.

Yet, I don’t have money to throw at it. I face either weaklings, or OP p2w players. As a f2p player, I want to feel like I can be competitive with the top players, because I put that much effort and time into it.

I have enough time to do that. What I don’t have is endless heartache for watching my favorite game and hobby wither and die, I don’t want to see that happen! But look at how many top pilots have left. Many of our friends at Kongregate are gone, they threw their hands up and retired.

I don’t want to believe that I can’t hold a competitive edge against p2w pilots. I literally have played this game for 24 hours at a time, hardcore, and I feel like we deserve a better edge. Even as a hardcore gamer, I can’t come close to these guys. And I don’t feel like it’s fair that I should be forced to pay to compete with them.

I feel like we, the free players, are in our way, a huge part of SuperMechs and what it means.

PS: Please add cowboy hats.

Your Pal,
The Ice King


Rename this game to “Super buggy mechs” I work hard to keep up with other players. Now with this update I can’t do missions, it keeps throwing me out and restarts the mission at the cost of energy. You guys are best at killing such a fun game.


This update is a kick in the nuts. IT really shows that the only thing that matters to the developers is making more money. Too bad that their approach is going to backfire. Badly. I’m quitting for good.

Can anyone PM me some similar games? Possibly, games that do not suck like this one :slight_smile:



What was changed in the update? Can somebody give me a list of changes?



I am not sure where to start. You turned the game upside down. Even to upgrade items to lvl 10 is going to be hard for new players, cause its not easy to get items and the gold to do so.

They didn’t even take this basic thing into consideration, how did this even pass the beta test that people signed up for ??


This update is terrible, I have been a big supporter of the new update with revamping all the items but this newest update has made it impossible for late game players to make any good progress. Before it would take be a whole day to get about 20-30 levels AT MOST by farming the last level but now it only drops 1 epic which makes it very hard to make any progress. Also I have reached the point that to get any new good items I have to get epics and legendaries I have not been able to find any common or rare items that can reach the caliber I need now. Please fix this I will probably not be playing much as long as this is a thing I want to feel like I am actually making progress not stuck behind a giant time gate. Slowing down a game is all good and dandy and helps the player base last longer but if you slow it down too much it makes it too slow and kills off players there is a fine line and you have crossed it by making the final boss worthless now. The only thing the new boss is good for is getting new items that you need other than that almost any other boss gives more exp in items than the final boss. Granted there is gold you get from it but it is not needed if you never get enough items to use the gold and the exp is not very needed because you get more fuel and gold and that is about it. SO tactisoft for my and the community’s love of this game PLEASE fix this it is shooing away a lot of late game players.


The recent big update was awesome. It made this game good again. All sorts of new stuff to do. I quit playing about a year ago because it had gotten old.

The labor day update, though, makes it boring again. You can now play this game all day without being able to make any progress. I paid some money in the past for it, and was considering doing so again. But now that you guys are taking away the extra item drops and using crappy servers that kick people constantly I really don’t feel like it.

I understand that you all need to make money, that’s why I paid in the past. But people who play for free are why there is enough of a community to make this game worth paying for. If they all go away, then there will nobody to play with.


ROFL !! premium boxes down to 75 T, BUT you are getting only 1 item !!! So far not a single legendary in 10 tries… good luck to ya all - you have to try it by yourself… just to feel how demoralizing it is ! great work TS, great indeed


Well I’m glad I farmed Big Boy for epics while I did. Seeing him cough up only 1 item instead of 2 now is a joke.

Also, what’s with this terrible philosophy of ‘less is more’? How does opening a single item feel any good? Especially when gold boxes used to throw out 5 items at a time?

The shop is psychologically ineffective at providing that ‘loot explosion’ feeling. Obviously 75 token for 1 possibly epic possibly legendary item is overpriced as hell, but it’s a problem that there is only that 1 box available.

I have a pretty good idea why they did this too. They looked at their metrics of the old ways and they saw that:

‘Wow, we offer many different boxes (silver, gold, mythic, ultra mythic) but people aren’t buying them, they always keep buying 1 of them 90% of the time and ignore the rest. I know, we’ll be smart and just offer 1 box because people only buy 1 type of box anyways, genious!’

That was the wrong conclusion to make. That freedom of choice, even if it wasn’t being invoked, made players feel like they were making decisions. What’s the shopping term for it… when you place an obviously inferior item next to another item to make the main item more attractive and also make people feel they made a good decision? Illusion of choice? something like that.

Anyways that illusion of choice, and the real options of choice, is important in these F2P games, because those are the things that make people open up their wallets more. Like having sales and special limited time offers, both of which seem to have also been erased from the new Super Mechs.

All rubbish.


Same here. Estimation is 1 out of 50 to 75 EPIC boxes will have a legendary.

and Tacticsoft ignores us, when we asked for help they gave us the finger and nerfed campaign. that’s what this labor day update was all about, saying “screw you,” to pilots who have played for over a year as we watch brand new guys who came out of nowhere overnight, watch them dominate rank 1 because just like real life, money makes you better than everyone else.