New Items (worth it or not?)

I wanted to make this thread for judging whether new L-Ms are useful or not, and if you should buy a pack or not.
(Yes, I know I’m ripping off Jam’s topic)

Damaged Armor Annihilator:

Item is too situational, so I would put it in the same category as energy free armor


Nope, not ripping it off… This is more for the New items. Weather to buy the packs our not…Awesome…

This one, I wouldn’t try for yet. This kind of gave me the red light to start saving until November. This one will play out eventually… The Heat version might be more lethal, waking up the magma again.


Oof! Ripping off JamAnime… :dizzy_face:


Instead use this


situational? dont you mean suicidal?

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This is a Disintegration vs Annihilation situation. The DAA tries to beat the AA but the backfire is a serious downside for a clone of an armor breaker that is the 2nd lightest weapon in the game and only has 10 less resistance in comparison.

Also, Spartan Carnage and Selfish Protector/Guardian have already driven AA out of being in the meta list, so a clone won’t likely be able to reach the same level as its predecessor.

Welcome to the meta of damage.

Whoever edited it, I don’t think you understand the topic. You’re supposed to give advice on whether or not you should buy a pack to try and get the item, not just the maxed stats.

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Don’t count your earnings just yet… Since Basalt Dissolver is capable of holding its weight in the heat section of the top ranks without having to deal damage to get there, so Burnt Basalt Dissolver (not the actual name of the weapon, this was made up in my mind for this situation) is gonna be in a serious duel against the OG king if it wants to be the best and Basalt Dissolver has already shown that it’s not afraid of any physical or energy nightmares.

(Yes, I could’ve merged my two posts together but it’s already too late to fix that and I’m lazy enough to consider this less damaging to the eyes than a combined post two monster posts.)

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I was only pointing out that the new armor breakers are likely going to struggle against originals, making their worth lower than what you would expect out of a premium… So, I’ll say that it’s likely another backfire backblast and that it’s not worth the time and effort to get it.

(Oh wait… That was about the actual topic and not my responses to the cannon fodder of a premium weapon… My apologies for the response.)

I’ll just use this quote, “Et tu, Brute?”

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Might be helpful to have two different judging methods:

  1. Can this item be meta (assuming you have other items)?
  2. Is this worth it for the average player (who doesn’t have all meta items)?

I think those 2 answers often are opposite (with this weapon being a nice example - obviously meta, but obviously not worth for average player)

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It’s not really meta, only your build with it made it so because of its low weight.

I honestly don’t know why Tactisoft attempted the Normal Item into Backfire Item trope again if it usually ended in a mass disaster or semi-mass disaster. They didn’t really have much of an incentive to do that but they somehow did it anyways and we got an essentially downgraded Armor Annihilator with low weight as its only saving grace.

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and you are right (i think)

And, in case you were wondering, the original Armor Annihilator is 20 Kg in weight and has -50 resist break, which the Broken Armor Annihilator beats by 12 Kg and 10 resist break, respectively.

It even does 186 max damage when divine, just about 3x more than the original’s 68 max damage… BUT, the whole point of the armor breakers is to deal the most resist break and not deal the most damage. As for the 180 backfire, that’s pretty hefty for a single-use backfire weapon (I mean, Sacrifice Cannon the 624 max damage side backfire weapon only has 98 backfire, which comes to show how ridiculous the backfire demands of the BAA are).

It does have a chance of being usable on meta builds like Dual Spartans or the Sacrifice Piercer, but the 180 backfire damage is going to have a toll on survivability, one way or another… Even more when you consider that you’re already paying for Selfish Protector/Guardian so that it can deal damage to your opponent, or an extra 86/104 reduction to your HP fund if you want to put it like that.

The only way that this will come to is if the next torso exceeds the monkeys HP and other stats.

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