New Item - Shockwave


aw that’s such a lame name or a cool looking drone. :frowning:


this made me mad, just one more legend. :frowning:


And i use it great against heaters ;d
I’m heater.


It’s pronounced swooooooooooooop, like in the song.


this is my worst luck portal i got 1 legendary befor the portal ends by like 1 hour and it’s big daddy too so no thing good :frowning:
after playing it like 100 times 1 f…ing legendary a bad one too and like 25 epics and spent 150 tokens cuz i felt i won’t get any thing good after all this bad luck
last portal the flamming hammer one i got 6 legendaries 100+ epics and spent 150 tokens too cuz i started late
i wish next portal be better (energy hammer-lighting scope) :star_struck:


i spent so many tokens (like almost 200 i had farmed) just to get no legendaries


I spent 500, I guess you were just unlucky this time. I wish you luck next portal


i’ve never gotten the items in the portal, never
the only time i have is in the emp portal
then i normally get the non premium portal items later on
it’s sad


Same. I didn’t get claw, Shockwave, or any of the other prem portals


Legs from the portal :



2 Revenants
Lightning Scope
Blazing Legs


i’m exited for the energy hammer portal i wish it love me like i love it because i need L E G E N D A R I E S !!!


the lighting scope portal too


Yes, especially against a dual Desolation heater…


hey i got like 7 legends from this portal when it was up.
no refuels, legit.


that is too much 7 legendaries no refuels i spent 150 tokens for 1 legendary (worst luck)