New Item - Shockwave


same here… for now at least… have 40 unclaimed boxes and 5 hours left.


Good luck! :rainbow:


WOW, you have time yet
How much refills ?


Nah, this portal was horrible for me, not going to bother with it anymore. I’ll be happier grinding on the campaign than this. Actually, I’m better off doing the campaign than this. :man_facepalming:

Edit: At least I got 1 myth food from this portal. Haha! :roll_eyes:


HA ha ha, how can you have 40 boxes and say that you havent gotten something ?
You dont know what can be in 40 boxes.


i was only talking about the shockwave :stuck_out_tongue:
i have already gotten a grave diggers, bloodweep, and dellurium, along with a ton of epics and rares…
i am happy…
i was only telling that i havn’t seen the shockwave, in around 30 boxes that i have already opened(excluding the 40 unclaimed)


I know but still 30 boxes on this IP is nothing to get SW.
And that’s under half boxes you got :joy:

You can have it in these 40 boxes :fairy:

But i have to admit, it was dammed hard to get main item from IP, last
it was for me so hard to get heat bomb.
But i did it on normal and only 2r on hard ;d


I can give you one for free FREE


Hmm i think shockwave have eye allergy wearing rocket gogles



still no val kms


FLAMINATOR a dumb high amount of energy cosumtion





Had 8 fuel left , oh well.



Okay… the results are-
burned 420 tokens
around 75 unclaimed boxes
will post results later(my inventory and gold reserves are both sucky)


And you did not think that the heat has only one weapon that brings you closer to yourself? And this desert snake (LM)
waiting for a new weapon for heat? epic-mith :slight_smile:


Okay: my legs from the portal:

  1. StormWeaver
  2. Brutailty
  3. Bunker Shell
  4. Desolation
  5. GrimReaper
  6. Blazing Legs
    I think I forgot some… but MVPs are StormWeaver and Bunker Shell.


more 30 refill 5 Legendre not funny

anubis, mercy, grave digger, warhammer, night eagle


Okay, after serious managing of inventory and opening of more than 80 boxes,the leggies I got were-
grave diggers
2ND ash creator
2ND archimonde
maybe more, but those were the ones.




Plus a heat bomb , vandal rage and zakrares which i got this morning.


not bad,better than nothing