New Item - Shockwave


his IGN is ares right? imma check it out.


Yep, I talked with him in Top Ranks, kept calling him @TechnoDive

… Then he went mad. :joy::ok_hand:


Premium again?!?


Nice, but I have that, Level 40 that is… And I know you have it too.

I haven’t been getting anymore Legends since the 2nd refill, and after getting the LS.


i have 2 physcial premium legs


I have 3, The Claw, Rolling Beasts, and The Claw.


but i no the claw
i really need it!:confused:


Then grab my other one, trade it with your VS :stuck_out_tongue:


are you need VS for your energy mech?


Yas Yas


if this game can trade,i must use my VS to change your the claw!:slight_smile:


Y :clap: A :clap: S

Here’s 3 likes for you, I’m out of em’ :heart::heart::heart:

Also @Sarah247 is it normal for the first ever Unclaimed Box you get would disappear? Because I aquired just 1 unclaimed box for the portal, went out to open it but, it’s not there, the same happened for me in the last portals/missions… Also happened to me in this current portal probably like 5 times already.


Oh no, you cursed :male_detective:


This box disappears, and opens, so content you have in inv.
Checked thing.


When i got box when i had 1-2 place free, it’s pop -up it will be unclaimed, but it is opened and
you have to search content.

I checked it and when i knew content of my inv, i easily found 3 new items.
2 Times it was legend surprise ;d

It exist too other situations when it dissapears and auto-opens, and that when you saw box in unclaimed.
Though i’m sure of it, i don’t remember it exactly cuz it was very rare situations.

I think it was 2 possibilities :

  • it was auto-oppened after you upgraded something and made inv unfull,

  • and second was when it, buged and didn’t opened when it should, then when you check it in shop but don’t open and go to upgrade, it’s already opened XD.

PRO post for medal


Oh, now I get it now.

So that’s where I got my Ash Creator, it suddenly popped out of nowhere when I got my
“Last Minute War Hammer Portal Mix Box”, in the War Hammer one, I got my last mix box from there, my spaces were full though so it got into the Unclaimed, but it wasn’t there! So I upgraded my items with my 1 Million accumulated coins, and suddenly Ash Creator popped out.

But if they are Epics, I wouldn’t easily notice it though, I have Bankloads of Epics :sweat_smile:


Using my last refill, I better get some Legendaries here “RNG”.


The same i make last refill, Praise the Sun !
Nope, not DS, Praise to Discobot ;d


Got my hands on it after insane first run, any good?


Only good for Energy crabs without StormWeaver/Bulldog, but any other mech it’s sh*te since it deals Snack/Torment/Anguish energy drain and dmg.

Also I got this on my first Insane run, never again that insane run gave me anymore of these drones.


Welp, that was a bust. Couldn’t even get 1 Shockwave… :disappointed: