New Item - Shockwave




Didn’t thought this drone will be Soo damn big


I don’t even like small drones.


why? what?420


Is ANY top player using the drone?


@TechnoDive is, and I’d consider him a top player (of crazy sorts).


i have played it this portal 50+ times and it gave me valiant sniper and FS, but no drone.
honestly i think what i got was better than the drone.

here i screenshot the valiant but forgot to get one for FS.


im mad…


why are you mad though?


i’m not really even playing this portal for the drone xd.
i’m playing it for the legend drop rate, 2 premium items so far.


People barely play the portal and get valiants , me here i am like on my 25th refill and no val.

This is bullshit


i must have been super lucky then-


Got 5 legys, so far no elec item…

Edit: save for chimaera torso that is


more Fifteenth refill 2 legendary only




600 tokens (20refills) + some auto refills

6 Fortune boxes


130 Mix boxes:

The Claw
Desert Snake

My worst portal ever! :tired_face::disappointed:


Wtf is this portal? I am farming on hard mode- most of the time I don’t get a box, and when I do it is rares

Why do they alwayus nerf the drops on the second day? I wasn’t home until later so I never got a chance to get any legendaries


urgh it’s not fair

My worst portal ever!

Oh yes

really illegal game



ok den


Another legend…
OHH noo, pls no morrre…